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Silent Rupture – Ideal Implants

Check for Silent Rupture and Learn About the Ideal Implant

Breast augmentation, also known as a “boob job,” remains one of the most popular plastic surgeries in America. Your chest is one of the most defining parts of your body. At New Jersey Plastic Surgery, our team of award-winning doctors are proud offer the newest breast augmentation technology to patients.

Choose The Right Implants for Your Augmentation

Much like breasts themselves, no two breast augmentation procedures are alike. In fact, every patient’s breast implants need to be individually chosen for their frames. Breast implants vary when it comes to size, shape, as well as material.

In the past, patients had to choose between silicone implants, and saline implants. Silicone implants had a high rate of silent rupture but had a more natural appearance. Saline implants often have side effects like dimpling, but are far safer for patients to have.

Now, there’s a new option that offers the best of both worlds, while also avoiding the issues that both have. It’s called the Ideal Implant, and it’s available at our office.

What is Silent Rupture?

Silent rupture is a complication that occurs primarily with silicone breast implants. When a silent rupture is present, the implant will open and leak into the surrounding regions. Silent ruptures are difficult to detect. If left to leak, silicone can cause serious damage to one’s health.

A silent rupture with saline won’t harm you, but if your implants have silicone in them, things can get dangerous. Doctors recommend that women with silicone implants undergo MRIs every two years due to the risk of silent rupture.

Why Choose the Ideal Implant?

The Ideal Implant is a breast implant that offers the natural appearance and feel of a silicone implant with the safety of a saline implant. Doctors designed this implant type to enhance a woman’s physique in a natural, youthful-looking way.

This innovative saline breast implant uses two layers of material to reduce the occurrence of silent rupture, control the movement of saline inside and improve the implants overall appearance. Since they are safer, patients do not have to undergo regular MRIs either.

Appearance-wise, the Ideal Implant has a lower chance of dimpling while carrying a reduced capsule contracture risk. In other words, your implants will look beautiful and stay looking great for years to come.

Though rare with the Ideal Implant, ruptures can still occur in certain situations. Should the implant rupture, patients need not worry. The implants saline is safer, and will quickly be reabsorbed into your body without issue. Additionally, Ideal Implants have faster rupture detection than standard silicone options.

Learn More About The Ideal Implant

Are you interested in breast augmentation? Finding out about your breast augmentation implant options is just as important as the surgeons you choose. At New Jersey Plastic Surgery, our highly qualified team of specialists are here to guide you towards the right decisions with your aesthetic goals in mind.

If you have questions related to aesthetic surgery, the Ideal Implant, or breast augmentation, ask for a consultation today.

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