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Artistry Based in Realism, Innovation & Technology

New Jersey Plastic Surgery, led by Dr. Barry DiBernardo, has been at the forefront of light & energy based aesthetics for 30+ years.

Featured on 2020 America’s Best Doctor List by America’s Best and Findatopdoc.com

Seeking more than excellence New Jersey Plastic Surgery is a center of evolution.

Dr. DiBernardo and Dr. Trovato actively pursue innovation and advancement in the field of aesthetics.

Driven by genuine care, and the best possible outcomes for not just the patients that they treat, but anyone who can benefit from the advancements they are part of, the doctors and staff of New Jersey Plastic Surgery are proud to consult on and collaborate in the creation of safe and effective new technologies, both surgical and non-invasive, which are used the world over. As pioneers and influencers in the Face & Neck field of aesthetic medicine, Dr. DiBernardo, Dr. Trovato, and the staff of New Jersey Plastic Surgery are passionate about solving real problems for patients through innovation and technology in the field of aesthetics.

Dr. Barry DiBernardo

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Supported by decades of illustrious experience, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Barry DiBernardo is the expert’s expert, a leading innovator in his field, sought after by patients across the globe for his unparalleled expertise and quality of work.

Dr. DiBernardo is recognized on a global scale for his research and practice in the field of aesthetic technology. He is sought out by leading light & energy device manufacturers as “THE Idea Man” to help move “yet-to-exist” treatments and technology from concept to creation, through clinical safety and efficacy trials. Dr. DiBernardo has been nationally recognized as a master plastic surgeon by such publications as the Castle Connolly Guide, Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, NJ Life, New Jersey Monthly, and more. His professional acumen has been sought and featured by leading media outlets including The Doctors, E! News, CNN, The Morning Blend, and Coffee with America.

Meet Dr. Barry DiBernardo

Guided By Light

To Solve Aesthetic Problems

Practicing photography professionally since the age of 16, Dr. DiBernardo has spent a lifetime understanding the relationship between light and aesthetics. As a student in the science and application of lasers and a natural inclination regarding how energy and light interact with tissue, Dr. DiBernardo is renowned in the industry as “THE Idea Man” when it comes to aesthetic innovation.

As a hub for data-driven, evidence-based research with an eye for efficacy and artistry, problem-solving with technology has always been at the core of the doctor’s passion, with light and energy at the intersection.

Meet The Doctors

Dr. Matthew Trovato

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. M.J. Trovato is a board-certified aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon with specializations in microsurgery, craniofacial, pediatric plastic surgery, and anti-aging medicine. He takes a highly individualized approach to provide each patient with the highest level of care.

Dr. Trovato’s hallmark is his incorporation of aesthetics & function with a comprehensive patient consultation that utilizes all aspects of anti-aging medicine, hormone therapy, weight-loss therapy, and surgery to achieve natural-looking yet dramatic results that promote the longevity of a beautiful you.

Meet Dr. Matthew Trovato

We Know Lasers

Premiere Aesthetic Technology

With over 42 devices, NJPS prides itself on being the premier center for awe-inspiring energy-based treatments and results.

Utilizing an individualized approach to patient care and an unprecedented wealth of innovative technology and advanced techniques, we provide fully-customized aesthetic solutions, tailored to your unique goals and physical attributes.

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New Jersey Plastic Surgery Featured Procedures

MyElevate Neck Lift Sofwave BBL HERO™ TempSure Eye Lift Breast Implant Removal

Our MyEllevate® neck lift delivers an attractive and youthful definition to your jawline. Restore the confidence you desire by reversing the early signs of aging in the neck, all without the skin removal and incisions that accompany traditional neck lift surgery.

MyElevate Neck Lift

Sofwave softens facial wrinkles & fine lines at the root - deterioration of collagen and elastin, via advanced ultrasound energy. The energy warms targeted tissue, stimulating collagen, and elastin production within your skin. The results keep your skin firm, supple, and youthful.


BBL HERO™ is the cutting-edge in cosmetic light technology. Faster, safer, and more effective than any BroadBand Light or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) skin therapy previously available. BBL HERO™ addresses skin conditions & imperfections, restoring smooth and blemish-free skin.


The very latest in cosmetic radiofrequency technology, the TempSure Eye Lift delivers singular anti-aging results to restore a youthful facial appearance. Our TempSure eye lift can tighten skin, smooth fine lines, and reduce wrinkles all without the need for surgery.

TempSure Eye Lift

Women opt for breast implant removal or revision for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the cause, it is vital to have a team of highly experienced and skilled surgeons to help you make the best choice for your procedure, as well as ensure your results are immaculate.

Breast Implant Removal

The Best Decision Of My Life

“I researched many doctors for over a five-year period and decided to go with Dr. DiBernardo who was rated one of the best plastic surgeons in the country. I got a tummy tuck and breast lift with implants and would love to post my picture. I finally have the body that I dreamed of!”

“Beautiful cohesiveness

“My confidence level in them all is 100%. They presented me with choices just for me even down to my compression garment - it was all for me! I loved my experience, I would definitely recommend Dr. DiBernardo & his staff!!”

Extremely professional and welcoming

“My son needed surgery and from the moment I knew that he needed a plastic surgeon, Dr. Dibernardo was the only person I would have trusted to perform surgery on my son. Thank you!”

Perfect surgeon for my breast lift.

“The moment I met Dr. DeBernardo I really really liked him. He was pleasant and informative. I felt like I was in good hands. He suggested I get a special suture that would enhance the lift and provide better fullness at the top of the breast.”

I could not be happier.

“From the first day, I looked 'down' after my surgery, to this very day, I am confident about myself, and every day I appreciate the results. I was cared for and respected every step of the way. Always a professional, beautiful facility, friendly, and willing to work at making my experience as comfortable and convenient as possible.”

NJPS is absolutely First Class

“Residing in Los Angeles, and being a National Aesthetic Consultant, I know first hand what separates the best from the Elites. NJPS is in a class by itself! 2 Thumbs Up!!”

Dr. DiBernardo solved a lifelong skin issue.

“We had been to all the top doctors in NYC and NJ with very little success. He took the time to research a plan and execute it based on the best that science could offer. I highly recommend New Jersey Plastic Surgery!”

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