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At New Jersey Plastic Surgery®, we truly believe that your beauty is power and that your beauty is its own reason for being. That’s why we are here to help you realize your true beauty and aesthetic excellence, so you are empowered to enjoy the best version of you and the finest quality of life with a range of treatments, services, and products designed to rejuvenate, revive and enhance your natural beauty. If you live in Bloomfield, Essex County, Morristown or any of the surrounding communities then schedule your consultation now and let New Jersey Plastic Surgery® in Montclair, NJ, help you get the look you want.

New Jersey Plastic Surgery® is led by Medical Director Dr. Barry DiBernardo, who in addition to being the president of the New Jersey Society of Plastic Surgeons and being repeatedly listed as one of the best doctors in New Jersey, was recently honored by Harper’s Bazaar as one of the 24 top beauty doctors in the entire country. At New Jersey Plastic Surgery® you will enjoy the benefit of a full team of beauty experts. In addition to Dr. DiBernardo, you can count on the beauty and cosmetic expertise of Drs. Haramis, Del Vecchio, and Citarelli, as well as the fantastic and highly professional staff at New Jersey Plastic Surgery®, who are always attentive to your needs and concerns and are committed to helping you get the look you want.

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Taking care of your appearance, addressing cosmetic issues and reversing the effects of aging are all important for your quality of life. Looks do matter, so taking the time and effort to invest in your cosmetic and aesthetic excellence is not only an important personal pursuit, but also it affects your chances in life, your happiness and your sense of self-confidence and well-being. We love seeing the happiness and excitement our patients experience following a successful cosmetic treatment at New Jersey Plastic Surgery® and we strive to be on the cutting edge of technological advancements that can help to give you an aesthetic edge when you are getting your beauty boost.

Our motto at New Jersey Plastic Surgery® is “artistry in aesthetic technology” because we are committed to the art of technology and aesthetics, and we are deeply engaged in both the development and research aspects of new aesthetic technologies. At New Jersey Plastic Surgery®, you can not only count on the most highly skilled beauty physicians in the country being committed to helping you get the look you want, you can also have confidence that no other center has a level of technological excellence, as well as investment in the latest aesthetic technology, and not to mention the combination of artistic and medical skills necessary to help you get the aesthetic results that you want. Schedule your consultation now and you’ll take comfort in the attention and concern that every member of the New Jersey Plastic Surgery® team will show you. You can move forward knowing that you can count on New Jersey Plastic Surgery® to be your partner in the pursuit of beauty and aesthetic excellence.

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