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LaserCap Treatment in Montclair

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LaserCap treatment Montclair Montclair LaserCap treatment

Hair loss is one of the most pervasive aesthetic issues both men and women face, and thankfully, there are plenty of treatments to consider.

One of the most effective treatments in recent years is laser therapy, which uses specially-calibrated lasers to invigorate hair follicles and encourage regrowth. Laser therapy is one of the only FDA-cleared therapies for hair regrowth, which means it’s both safe and effective. Unfortunately, laser therapy isn’t a one-stop endeavor.

You need to keep it up, and that can take both time and money. Most people don’t want to book regular trips to a specialist in order to keep their hair. At New Jersey Plastic Surgery, we understand it. You have a life you need to live outside of hair treatments. That’s why we are proud to sell LaserCap hair restoration kits!

How Do You Use LaserCap?

Using a LaserCap is designed to be easy as can be. To get the full effects of LaserCap, you will need to have an appointment with our specialists at New Jersey Plastic Surgery.

Our staff will determine how much laser therapy you’ll need, and offer instructions on how to use your cap. Then, all you need to do is get the cap and wear it according to instructions given by our team.

The LaserCap is usually worn for about 30 minutes per session, three times a week. Each session acts as a Low Laser Light Therapy session similar to what you’d get in our office. Most people see very visible results within 12 weeks of use.

At first, you will notice some shedding. This is normal, and is a sign that the LaserCap is getting rid of weak hair in favor of stronger, thicker hair. After the shedding phase finishes, you can expect a fuller head of hair.

LaserCap treatment Montclair

What Is LaserCap?

LaserCap is a groundbreaking invention that allows you to bring hair-restoring, FDA-cleared laser therapy anywhere you go.

Every LaserCap is equipped with medical-grade lasers that are designed to stimulate hair growth without harming your scalp. It’s a cap that brings hair restoration therapy to you—often at a fraction of the cost of regular laser hair appointments!

LaserCap uses Low Laser Light Therapy to aid in hair growth and encourage the growth of stronger, thicker hair. Montclair lasercap treatment offers the following benefits:

  • Easy use
  • No downtime
  • Easy portability
  • No side effects
  • Customized care
  • FDA-cleared results

Get Your LaserCap And Say Goodbye To Baldness

LaserCap is an amazing piece of equipment that can help reverse genetically-caused baldness.

It’s the only FDA-cleared cap of its kind, and can only be obtained with the assistance of a physician. We strive to deliver the best lasercap treatment Montclair has to offer. If you are ready to see thicker hair than ever before, it’s time to get a LaserCap by calling New Jersey Plastic Surgery at (973) 509-2000. You’ll be glad you did.

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