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KidKuts MD - New Jersey Plastic Surgery KidKuts MD - New Jersey Plastic Surgery

Parents with young children face many challenges and rewards when it comes to raising little ones. When a child gets injured, it can be a frightening event for both parent and child. In the event of a medical emergency, parents are often left to figure things out on their own — all while consoling a crying little one and remaining calm during a tense and scary event.

That is, until now. KidKuts MD is a program that connects plastic surgeons for kids to parents in need of assistance for lacerations and injuries that may benefit from the help of a cosmetic surgeon. With the KidKuts MD phone app, parents have unparalleled access to top New Jersey pediatric plastic surgeons at the touch of a button. This allows parents to receive prompt medical attention from specialist cosmetic surgeons that can perform surgery that is critical to your loved ones’ health.

Why Is Your Child In Better Hands With A Plastic Surgeon Than An Emergency Room Surgeon For Lacerations?

Emergency rooms and many urgent care facilities can stitch a child’s laceration in the event sutures are required to close a wound.

However, in many cases, it is better to see a plastic surgeon for stitches that are needed in highly visible areas such as the face, hands, legs, or arms. Emergency medical professionals are mainly concerned with closing a wound quickly. Little attention is paid to cosmetic concerns associated with common childhood injuries such as facial scars or scars on the body.

These scars last a lifetime, so it is important to treat them with care. Plastic surgeons are specially trained to provide surgery in a safe and effective manner while keeping aesthetics in mind.

The type of sutures that are chosen can also make a big difference to the degree of scarring that is left after a laceration heals. Our NJ cosmetic surgeons are sure to select sutures that reduce scarring while remaining strong enough to close deep lacerations. This helps the injury heal without leaving obvious marks from the old-school style of sutures. In many cases, dissolving sutures made of the highest quality materials are used to provide a great result.

KidKuts MD - New Jersey Plastic Surgery

Connect With A New Jersey Plastic Surgeon Instantly

Your child’s dedicated plastic surgeon at New Jersey Plastic Surgery is available at the tap of an app with KidKuts MD for on-demand medical advice and patient scheduling.

Rather than waiting in the emergency room full of sick people, an injured child’s parent can contact us directly for medical assistance through the KidKuts app. Whether your child suffered a laceration or injury in a noticeable place such as the face, arm, hands, or legs, our doctors can help create a fully customized surgical plan that may include stitches with minimal scarring and incisions.

What Is The KidKuts MD Mobile App?

KidKuts MD is a proprietary mobile phone application that is the first plastic surgery program to connect patients to physicians and surgeons in real-time. It uses the latest technology to make arranging patient care simple.

KidKuts MD makes care delivery simpler by eliminating wait-times and improving the overall patient experience within the convenience of a phone app. Getting in touch with your child’s plastic surgeon for accidents and injuries has never been easier. Connect with us virtually by downloading the KidKuts MD app today. Our team is pleased to answer questions about the technology and help get you signed up for the program. Contact us today online or by calling (973) 509-2000 for more information.

We Make Coordinating Patient Care Faster & More Convenient

At New Jersey Plastic Surgery, our patients and staff have access to the latest technology to promote better patient outcomes.

We are continually learning about emerging technological advancements in the health field to serve our patients’ needs better. In addition to our state-of-the-art surgical facility, we have adopted the KidKuts MD app to make coordinating care between patients and staff members easier and more efficiently than ever before.

New Jersey Plastic Surgery Is Your Family’s Destination For Aesthetic Medical Services

New Jersey Plastic Surgery is a renowned cosmetic surgery practice that caters to adults and children.

Whether you need aesthetic services or access to a plastic surgeon for an unfortunate accident or injury that requires reconstructive surgery, we can help. Our mission is to integrate innovation, research, and technology to deliver an unparalleled quality of service for patients of all ages. We use the most sophisticated techniques and technology — including the KidKuts mobile application — to deliver world-class outcomes.

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