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New Jersey Plastic Surgery® can help those residents of Bloomfield, Essex County, Morristown and the surrounding area with all new Bellafill. Bellafill can help you achieve a beautiful, natural-looking smile line correction that lasts with the only FDA-approved non-surgical option that provides permanent results.

What is Bellafill?

While many other dermal fillers have shown excellent augmentation capabilities that rejuvenate and tone your skin, for the first time the FDA has approved a permanent solution, with Bellafill.

While other wrinkle improvement procedures temporarily correct cosmetic issues, over time they naturally break down and are slowly reabsorbed by your body, requiring repeated injections to maintain your corrections.

Bellafill, however, provides you with permanent cosmetic corrective power thanks to tiny PMMA (poly-methyl-methacrylate) microspheres in purified collagen gel. It is comfortably injected thanks to an anesthetic for pain-free comfort.

Collagen immediately adds volume and firmness to your skin, lifting wrinkles such as smile lines. The PMMA microspheres create a matrix that supports your body’s own collagen natural production.

Montclair Bellafill

Benefits of Bellafill?

Would you like to permanently correct smile lines and other facial fine lines and wrinkles with Bellafill, a unique injectable collagen filler that provides immediate volume and lift with PMMA microspheres that instantly smooth out facial wrinkles (nasolabial folds) for long-lasting, beautiful, natural looking cosmetic correction?

Then contact us now to schedule your Bellafill consultation. It can be used in both women and men. Bellafill is a non-absorbable dermal filler, unlike many other dermal fillers that are absorbed and require reinjection.

What is the Procedure for Bellafill?

Your Bellafill procedure is a quick, simple, pain-free in-office treatment with no downtime and no disruption to your daily activities. It provides lasting results that beautify and improve your appearance. Tiny micro-needles are used to make the injections, and an anesthetic is utilized to limit your discomfort. Contact us now to schedule your consultation and find out about the amazing benefits of Bellafill from New Jersey Plastic Surgery®.

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Preparing for Bellafill

Real beauty is to be true to oneself, so be true to yourself and take the time out for your beauty today and schedule your consultation now for Bellafill from New Jersey Plastic Surgery®.

With no preparation necessary, you will be on your way to a convenient, safe and long-lasting solution to facial wrinkles.

Is Bellafill Right for Me?

Would you like to treat smile lines, acne scars or other facial lines and wrinkles and get long-lasting results? Bellafill from New Jersey Plastic Surgery® is the treatment of choice for permanent correction of smile lines, to plump up marionette lines (lines below the mouth), to fill in scars, smooth out depressions and repair crooked contours on the nose.

Contact us now to set up your consultation and learn what a difference Bellafill from New Jersey Plastic Surgery® can make in terms of smoothness in your complexion and giving you a significant self-confidence boost. You will find during your consultation that the world-class team at New Jersey Plastic Surgery® all take a personalized approach and listen to what you desire in terms of the look you want, in addition to offering their experienced opinion.

Who is a Candidate for Bellafill?

Would you like to see a change in your face in terms of overall smoothness, a change for the better that will last for the long term? Then you may be a fantastic candidate for Bellafill from New Jersey Plastic Surgery®.

Bellafill from New Jersey Plastic Surgery® can help you obtain a permanent cosmetic correction to fine lines, wrinkles, and scars, such as smile lines and acne scars, giving you a smooth complexion. If you live in or around Bloomfield, Essex County or Morristown and are looking for a permanent solution to smoother skin on your face, then contact New Jersey Plastic Surgery® in Montclair, NJ, today to set up your Bellafill consultation.

How Much Does Bellafill Cost?

Your costs for Bellafill from New Jersey Plastic Surgery® will depend on your treatment needs, so contact us now to set up your Bellafill consultation.

At New Jersey Plastic Surgery® we strive to deliver the best Bellafill Montclair has to offer, we also understand how patients are managing their budgets, which is why we offer a variety of financing options, including CareCredit® and American Healthcare Lending.

Montclair Bellafill

Recovery from Bellafill

No downtime and no recovery make Montclair Bellafill from New Jersey Plastic Surgery® an ideal beauty treatment that doesn’t disrupt your daily life. It gives you life-changing results that let you look youthful without invasive treatments.

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Our New Jersey Plastic Surgery cosmetic specialists are ready to help you achieve your aesthetic goals with the most advanced treatments the cosmetic industry has to offer. Contact us today to take your first step toward a more beautiful you.

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