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While the vast majority of women are pleased to have breast implants, some no longer wish to have breast implants and desire removal. Additionally, aging implants may need removal and/or replacement, depending on the patient’s preference.

Over 250,000 women per year decide to undergo breast augmentation in the United States. Some women opt to remove their implants for a variety of reasons. Removing your breast implants is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and should be aided by a team of highly qualified surgeons. The expert team at New Jersey Plastic Surgery offers breast implant removal for all patients, implant types, and goals. We strive to deliver the best breast implant removal New Jersey has to offer.

Reasons to Remove Breast Implants

Every person has their own unique reasons for removing their breast implants. Some choose to do it because they don’t want implants. Others experience sagging or age-related issues, then choose for implant removal.

Implants that don’t retain their shape or deflate are often removed for aesthetic reasons.

Implant rupture is another major reason why implants are removed. Ruptured implants pose a serious health risk to the patient, and need to be removed before they cause health problems.

Ruptured implants are most commonly characterized by a change in breast shape or size, inflammation, pain, and a change in breast texture. If you believe you have a ruptured implant, you should call our office to get a diagnosis.

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Changing Your Mind About Implants

What if you just don’t want breast implants anymore? Some women do end up feeling this way.

It’s your body and at New Jersey Plastic Surgery we want you to feel great about the appearance of your breasts — with or without implants.

Breast Implant Rupture

Breast implant rupture or “breast implant leaking” happens quickly in the case of leaking saline breast implants. Ruptured silicone breast implants are known as a silent leak — there may be no obvious implant rupture symptoms at all since the silicone gel leaks slowly over time.

To detect a silicone breast implant rupture, your doctor may order an MRI or other imaging. Often, when one breast implant ruptures, the surgeon will replace both implants to err on the side of safety. If one implant leaks, there is a chance the other is not far behind — especially if an accident or injury caused breast implant bursting. Further, this ensures the implants age at the same rate so when the patient eventually needs to replace aging implants, they can get it done in one surgery rather than two separate procedures.

Capsular Contracture

The risk of capsular contracture may increase as the years go by. This is hardness or tightening that happens around a breast implant.

For some of our New Jersey breast implant removal patients, the condition can cause mild-to-no pain, while late-stage capsular contracture can result in more pain and discomfort. Aside from the discomfort, capsular contracture distorts implants over time, giving the breast the appearance of a round ball that feels hard to the touch. Signs of capsular contracture can include hardening around the breast implant, a change or distortion of the breast implant shape, and a feeling of tightness in the chest. At New Jersey Plastic Surgery, we recommend post-breast implant treatment protocols that minimize capsular contracture.

Is Removing Breast Implants in Your Best Interest?

Choosing to remove breast implants is a big decision for many women. Your individual reasons for breast implant removal are as unique as you are.

Dr. DiBernardo and Dr. Trovato work closely with each patient on a case-by-case basis in order to understand their personal concerns and collaborate with them to create a customized treatment plan that best achieves their goals. They will discuss alternatives, such as a Breast Lift if sagging or replacement of volume with the patient's own fat.

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What Is Recovery Like?

After your surgery, you will be taken to an observation room where doctors will monitor your state for a short period of time. From there, you will be instructed to wear special surgical bras.

Once you stop wearing the wraps, your doctor will examine your body to ensure that you’ve healed properly. Most people will feel minor discomfort for the first couple of days, will need to relax for two weeks after the bandages are removed, and fully recover within four weeks.

What Are My Options After Breast Implant Removal?

This may include breast implant removal without replacement, breast implant removal with replacement, or breast implant removal combined with fat injections or breast lift.

Are There Any Implant Removal Side Effects I Should Know About?

Breast implant removal is a common and safe procedure. That being said, no surgery is without risk.

Anesthetic complications, swelling, bruising, scarring, and bleeding can occur. In certain rare situations, an unsatisfactory outcome can occur. Should this happen, a second surgery will be needed to improve results, especially with the change in breast volume or shape. These procedures will be recommended to be done with the implant removal for best outcome.

Will My Breasts Look Saggy If I Remove My Implants?

Not always. Breasts may regain about 10 to 15 percent of their lost volume after implants are removed. So, if your implants were small, you may want to wait until your breasts heal.

Patients who are experiencing serious sagging, want a subtle boost, or who will undergo a drastic breast size change may want to consider getting a breast lift to combat the risk of sagging, and possible fat grafting.

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Trade Your Breast Implants for Fat Transfer

Breast implants are considered safe for most patients, but breast fat injections are even safer. Made with your own 100% natural body fat, autologous fat transfer involves removing fat from areas of the body with excess fat cells, then purifying and injecting fat into the breasts for a natural breast enhancement.

For patients seeking a natural alternative to breast implants after breast implant removal, this is a simple procedure. The best candidates for fat grafting have natural breast tissue that is a C-cup bra size or smaller without loose breast skin. Breast injections increase breast size up to 1-2 cup sizes at most.

What Will My Breasts Look Like After Implant Removal?

For the most part, your breasts will look similar to what they did prior to the removal. However, it is common to have some excess skin and sagging. In many cases, the excess is barely noticeable and can even heal on its own. Your physician will guide you as your particular situation dictates.

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