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Silicone Injection Removal in Montclair

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Shapely buttocks can accentuate your physique and make you feel more attractive. While buttock fat transfer is considered a safer way to increase gluteal volume, many patients in New Jersey have turned to silicone buttock injections in hopes of achieving a more rounded figure.

Silicone injections are risky. The FDA has warned the public of deaths resulting from liquid silicone for years. If you were not aware of these warnings or opted to move ahead with the procedure anyway, there is a good chance you’ve had a change of heart. Many patients do, and you are certainly not alone in wanting opting for our New Jersey silicone injection removal.

Silicone Injection Removal at New Jersey Plastic Surgery

There is no shame in succumbing to the pressure to have silicone butt injections in the past. You’re wiser now. The board-certified plastic surgeons at New Jersey Plastic Surgeon in Montclair, Dr. Barry DiBernardo and Dr. Matthew Trovato, are trained in highly complex plastic surgical procedures for the face and body. They offer compassionate, individualized care for patients seeking silicone injection removal in Essex County.

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What is Silicone Injection Removal?

Silicone injections can be dangerous. Risks include pain, chronic swelling, disfigurement, scarring, headaches, tingling, stroke, high blood pressure, and infection. Even if you have not had a bad reaction, the injections may lead to health complications down the road, which can be life-threatening.

Patients often notice a drastic improvement in symptoms after removing the silicone. Since silicone cannot be dissolved, the removal procedure entails surgical excision or Ultrasound-guided VASER-assisted Silicone Suction.

Drs. DiBernardo and Trovato will help you decide whether removing the raw silicone is in your best interest. They will recommend the appropriate removal technique during your private consultation.

Why should I consider Silicone Injection Removal?

If you had silicone injected into your buttocks and feel regret, the good news is it can be removed in most cases.

Some patients decide to have silicone removed from the buttocks because they went too large or due to complications such as silicone granulomas, or small, firm lumps. Others simply want to go back to their pre-operative bum size and shape. Lastly, some individuals may have received black-market injections that led to disfigurement.

Changing trends can also factor into your decision to reverse your silicone injections. A large derriere can be in fashion one year, then the pendulum swings, and a more demure look gains popularity. Regardless of your reason for considering New Jersey silicone injection removal, the surgeons at New Jersey Plastic Surgery can help.

Consider Silicone Injection Removal if you:

  • Are dissatisfied with your results after buttock augmentation
  • Have a cosmetic deformity after receiving silicone injections
  • Want to restore your bum to its pre-operative shape and size
  • Are concerned about the long-term health risks of injectable silicone
  • Want to switch from silicone injections to fat transfer

Am I a candidate for Silicone Injection Removal?

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You may be considered for the procedure if you do not smoke or have serious ailments that would prevent you from having surgery. Every patient is different. In some cases, it is best to leave the silicone injections in place. If you'd like to find out if you'd make a good candidate for silicone injection removal New Jersey experts at NJPS can address that and any other questions you may have during a consultation. Schedule one today!

Your Silicone Injection Removal Procedure

There are two ways surgeons remove silicone injections. Depending on the amount of silicone and scar tissue, this can be achieved in one or more staged procedures.

Direct Excision

Once you are under general anesthesia, your surgeon will make an incision through which they remove the raw silicone and scar tissue.

Ultrasound-guided VASER-assisted Silicone Suction

After administering general anesthesia, your surgeon will use VASER liposuction to extract the silicone, scar tissue, and any siliconomas that are present. They rely on ultrasound imaging to determine exactly where the silicone is located. Next, they will inject tumescent fluid and pass the VASER probe through your skin with a small incision. The probe oscillates rapidly to liquefy any scar tissue. This makes it easier and less traumatic to remove the scar tissue and silicone with a suction cannula.

Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

Each patient has a unique recovery experience. Any discomfort, bruising, or swelling should fade over days to weeks. Temporary weakness, sleep disturbances, or changes in body temperature have been reported in the early stage of recovery.

Your surgeon at New Jersey Plastic Surgery will provide detailed aftercare instructions that reflect the individualized nature of your surgery. You may be asked to wear a compression garment and change how you sit or sleep for a few weeks. Do not use nicotine products, which can impede healing.

Full results are visible once the swelling and scarring resolve. Once healed, you are welcome to speak to your surgeon about augmenting your buttocks through safer options such as the Brazilian Butt Lift if desired.

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Why New Jersey Plastic Surgery?

New Jersey Plastic Surgery is a nationally recognized practice that offers surgical and non-surgical solutions for every aesthetic concern. They deliver exquisite results in a state-of-the-art, AAAASF-accredited, private surgical center that is equipped with the latest technologies and safety measures.

You will also have access to expertly trained New Jersey plastic surgeons that rely on the most sophisticated surgical techniques, including silicone injection removal.

Board-certified Montclair plastic surgeon Dr. Barry DiBernardo has been in practice for 25 years. In 2020, he was featured on America’s Best Doctor List by America’s Best and Findatopdoc.com. He was also named a Top 24 Beauty Doctor by Harper’s Bazaar owing to his artistic sensibilities, signature patient care, and skills in the operating room.

Along with Dr. Matthew Trovato, New Jersey Plastic Surgery is a place where patients can expect the highest standard of care and uncompromising results. When you see their surgeons for silicone injection removal, you can feel confident you are in the hands of some of New Jersey’s most qualified and respected plastic surgeons.

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Can I get silicone removed from my buttocks?

Yes, raw silicone is removed through direct excision or VASER-assisted liposuction guided by ultrasound. The surgeons at New Jersey Plastic Surgery specialize in these techniques.

Are silicone butt injections dangerous?

Yes, it is illegal in the United States to augment the buttocks with injectable products, silicone and hydrogel. This tempts patients to travel abroad for cosmetic surgery. That is risky since the injections often contain non-medical grade silicone, which is extremely dangerous.

What are the risks of silicone injections into the buttocks?

Liquid silicone can travel to other body parts. It can cause granuloma lumps felt under the skin. Other possible complications from the surgery include infections, scarring, disfigurement, stroke, and even death.

Can I have buttock fat transfer after removing my silicone injections?

While many patients are happy to return to their pre-operative body shape, others are looking for a safer alternative to butt injections. If you are a candidate, the doctors at New Jersey Plastic Surgery will discuss options such as autologous fat transfer with you. You may need to wait until you have recovered from your silicone removal procedure before having a fat transfer.

Is Silicone Injection Removal safe? What are the risks?

As with all surgical procedures, silicone injection removal carries a degree of risk — namely, infection, scarring, and inadvertently spreading the silicone material. You can mitigate your risks by choosing a board-certified surgeon experienced in silicone removal, such as Drs. DiBernardo and Trovato.

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