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Healing Accelerated

Taking steps to improve one's appearance or well-being with surgery or other aesthetic procedures is exciting. The recovery process is not. But with our New Jersey BallancerPro lymphatic massage, recovery can be so much easier. Keep swelling and pain to a minimum and get back to life sooner.

BallancerPro at New Jersey Plastic Surgery

At New Jersey Plastic Surgery, we are passionate about bringing our patients the most innovative, helpful, and effective treatments and procedures. We also understand that the process of healing is an incredibly important part of achieving great aesthetic results. Using the BallancerPro in Montclair, NJ, to help our patients recover faster and experience less downtime is one of many tools Dr. Barry DiBernardo and the team use to care for our patients.

What is a Lymphatic Massage?

The lymphatic system is a specialized network in the body that works in tandem with both the immune system and the circulatory system to regulate fluid levels by using nodes and ducts to filter and cleanse fluid before returning it to the bloodstream. In cases where aesthetic treatments affect the lymphatic system, causing swelling, lymphatic massage can be highly beneficial. This technique, also known as lymphatic drainage massage, involves gently manipulating specific body areas to facilitate lymph movement toward functioning vessels, helping alleviate swelling.

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The BallancerPro System

Lymphatic massage with the BallancerPro optimizes the lymphatic system's function through precise and completely customizable pressure application. Based on decades of studies and research, the technology used by the BallancerPro can contribute to reduced inflammation and less pain and expedite the return to your body's fully functional state.

Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

Since the lymphatic system works throughout the body, improving lymphatic drainage can be beneficial in multiple areas. Not only can it help speed up the healing process and lower pain levels, but most patients find it to be an incredibly relaxing overall experience.

Lymphatic System

Help your body get rid of toxins and damaged cells after certain treatments and procedures. This treatment will also cut down on fluid retention and reduce swelling and inflammation.

Digestive System

This treatment helps with overall detoxification and can even help relieve bloating, which can be common post-surgery.

Circulatory System

Improving blood flow means better oxygen delivery and faster healing. Relaxation is also a great benefit for the heart and relieves tension.


Through detoxification and better blood flow, the skin can show improvements like brighter tone, increased elasticity, and overall rejuvenation.

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BallancerPro Lymphatic Massage Candidates

Most of our New Jersey lymphatic drainage patients want to see faster recovery after surgery or other procedures, but some patients may simply want to enjoy the standalone benefits. While this is a versatile and non-invasive treatment, it is not for everyone. Those with underlying cardiovascular or kidney concerns may need to refrain from undergoing this treatment, and it's important to discuss your health history with your provider.

Preparation and Consultation

During a consultation for your BallancerPro lymphatic massage New Jersey experts at our practice will provide you with a detailed treatment plan and full instructions on how to prepare for any procedures you are undergoing. Our goal is to keep patients informed at each step of the treatment process, and we are committed to doing just that.

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Is lymphatic massage with BallancerPro a safe treatment?

Lymphatic massages with BallancerPro are safe and can be a highly positive addition to your treatment plan, but they are not for everyone, so it's important to discuss any underlying medical conditions with your provider.

How many sessions of the BallancerPro treatments will a person need in order to see optimal results?

For the most optimal results, we typically recommend several sessions once a week for about four weeks.

What is the downtime after a BallancerPro lymphatic massage?

This treatment does not include any downtime and in many cases, when used following surgeries or other treatments, can reduce the total downtime requirement.

How long is a standard BallancerPro lymphatic massage session?

This depends on what specific area is being treated and can range from 20 to 60 minutes in most cases.

How much does the BallancerPro lymphatic massage cost?

The cost of treatment with BallancerPro will vary depending on the specific patient plan for initial sessions and what area will be treated.

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