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Laser Hair Removal in Montclair

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Laser Hair Removal Montclair Montclair Laser Hair Removal

Advances in laser technology make it possible for you to ditch routine shaving, plucking, and waxing.

Our team members will take into account the color and coarseness of your hair so we can determine the ideal laser hair removal option.

Achieve Permanent Hair Reduction

Are you tired of painful hair waxing and shaving every day? Laser hair removal gets rid of unwanted hair for smooth, silky skin that lasts years with no upkeep.

Considering the long term benefits, the cost of laser hair removal is minimal. The latest lasers are also less painful than older procedures such as electrolysis for an improved patient experience. Fast and effective, our dedicated laser hair specialist helps you get rid of hair in just 1 to 6 laser hair removal sessions.

We can help you remove unsightly hair on many parts of the body, including:

  • Back hair
  • Bikini line
  • Leg hair
  • Armpit hair
  • Stomach hair
  • Facial hair
  • Chest hair & breast hair
  • Small areas such as the toes
  • And more.

We offer private, discreet hair removal services for men and women alike. No matter where you have excess body hair, we are committed to helping you achieve the best cosmetic result with the most advanced laser hair removal systems on the market today.

Laser Hair Removal Montclair

What Are The Different Types of Laser Hair Removal Options?

New Jersey Plastic Surgery is your premier destination for permanent laser hair removal.

Different types of hair lasers work well on certain types of skin. Our NJ hair removal services includes various types of permanent laser hair reduction to serve our clients needs. We will match you with the best permanent hair removal device to get the best outcome.

Vectus Laser Hair Removal

For Montclair laser hair removal patients with a significant amount of hair in areas such as the chest, armpits, bikini zone, arms, legs, and more, New Jersey Plastic Surgery may recommend the Cynosure Vectus Laser. This device is designed to handle high volumes of hair removal, making it ideal for large areas such as the back, chest, abdomen, and legs. That means less time in the treatment chair, and more time enjoying smooth, hairless skin.

Thanks to diode hair removal technology, the treatment is suitable for diverse skin types and hair colors. The procedure causes less discomfort than hair removal devices of the past. It has a uniform laser beam that reduces hot spots and Advanced Contact Cooling™ to keep skin at a safe temperature for the duration of the procedure.

Our Vectus uses unique Skintel® technology which assesses your exact skin pigment color and transmits that to the laser settings via bluetooth. To book your personalized NJ Vectus laser hair removal session, call our office for scheduling.

Cutera Laser Hair Removal

Dark coarse hair is often more resistant to laser removal than fine hair. The Cutera Excel HR laser system is designed to effectively target and remove dark hair on face and body. This in-office procedure is comfortable and highly effective. The device features Sapphire contact cooling to provide continuous cooling of the skin for maximum comfort and safety.

This is advanced hair removal technology at its best. The device utilizes a proven long-pulse 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser that is compatible with nearly all skin types.

The Cutera laser reviews show a high patient satisfaction rating with a noticeable reduction in unwanted hair on the body and face. To schedule your private NJ Cutera laser hair removal session, contact our office today for appointment times.

How Long Does It Take To See Laser Hair Removal Results?

Each type of hair removal laser is designed to damage the hair follicles so that unwanted hair stops growing. After each session, the hair begins to fall out over the next 14 days.

Plucking hair after laser hair removal is not necessary, as the hairs fall out naturally. About 20% of the targeted hair is removed with each session. It may take up to 4 - 8 treatment sessions or more depending upon your individual hair cycle length as well as the size and coarseness of the hair being treated. The treatments are spaced weeks apart so that the hair that is treated each time is in the active growing stage.

Why Choose Us as Your NJ Laser Specialist?

Having a few lasers in the office does not make a doctor or aesthetician a specialist in laser treatment. Dr. Barry DiBernardo has built up his reputation for excellence with laser solutions over nearly three decades of ongoing research, training, and clinical application.

New Jersey Plastic Surgery had one of the first hair removal lasers in the world back in the 1990s. We have over 25 years of experience in laser hair removal! Today, the leading brands in cosmetic lasers trust Dr. DiBernardo to evaluate their products and techniques. Patients journey from across the United States and from other countries to enjoy personalized laser skin resurfacing, laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, and much more.

As a result, Dr. DiBernardo passionately embraces innovation in cosmetic lasers. Non-surgical treatment comes in a variety of forms, and Dr. DiBernardo has made New Jersey Plastic Surgery a world leader in emerging technologies for skin resurfacing, hair restoration, fat reduction, and much more.

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To meet with a dedicated NJ laser hair removal specialist at New Jersey Plastic Surgery, contact us today online or at (973) 509-2000. Our non surgical team strives to deliver the best laser hair removal Montclair has to offer and is committed to helping patients remove excess body hair for a lifetime of smooth, hairless skin.

We proudly provide cosmetic care for patients across the region, including the areas of Clifton and Newark, NJ, neighboring New York, and surrounding areas. For discreet hair removal in a world-class setting, we are your #1 cosmetic services destination.

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