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PrecisionTx Montclair PrecisionTx Montclair

PrecisionTx facial rejuvenation is a favorite among our clients, boasting impressive neck tightening effects to combat early signs of lower facial skin aging without surgery.

If you suffer from loose or sagging skin on your face, neck, or jowls, New Jersey Plastic Surgery offers a wide range of advanced skin-tightening options to help you look refreshed, renewed, and revitalized. At New Jersey Plastic Surgery, we don’t just offer the most advanced facial rejuvenation technology available, we deliver a signature experience centered on your safety, comfort, and satisfaction. Led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Barry DiBernardo, our state-of-the-art facility provides a wide range of skin-tightening services including those that tighten loose neck and facial skin for a fresh, rejuvenated appearance — both with and without surgery.

What Is PrecisionTx Skin Tightening?

This non-surgical laser treatment for jowls, neck, and lower face aging is one of many innovations from Cynosure — a pioneer in the field of aesthetic medical technology with a side-firing micro laser fiber under the skin.

The PrecisionTx device is a machine that provides targeted precision and ultimate control to tighten loose face and neck skin. PrecisionTx works by using precisely controlled heat energy to stimulate collagen production in the skin. This leads to increased skin thickness and helps tighten loose skin on the face and neck using a 1440mm wavelength. The laser also melts fat in small, hard-to-reach areas such as underneath the chin and neck with the latest fat-melting technology. Study results from New Jersey Plastic Surgery demonstrated a nearly 30% increase in dermal thickness at three months after treatment — all without the need for invasive surgery. Imagine a tighter, more youthful lower face and a more contoured jawline in just three months!

What Areas Benefit Most From A PrecisionTx Treatment?

PrecisionTx turns back early signs of facial aging on the following areas of the lower face and neck. The treatment may be suitable for patients that wish to correct the following cosmetic concerns:

  • Loose neck skin
  • Pronounced jowls
  • A poorly contoured jawline
  • The chin area
  • Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)
  • And more.
PrecisionTx Montclair

What Causes Loose Skin On The Face And Neck?

Loose and sagging skin occurs when internal and external factors affect the key molecules that keep skin firm, hydrated, and elastic.

Skin laxity that develops with age is mostly caused by a loss of elastin fibers, collagen networks, and hyaluronic acid – a molecule that helps skin retain moisture. In addition to aging, pregnancy and rapid weight loss can also loosen the skin by changing its structure and stretching skin molecules. Now, the latest technology makes it possible to achieve significant skin and neck tightening with in-office laser devices such as the PrecisionTx treatment at New Jersey Plastic Surgery.

What Is The Best Way To Tighten Loose Facial Skin?

New Jersey Plastic Surgery is pleased to offer a complete range of surgical and non-surgical facelift and neck tightening solutions for total facial rejuvenation. Our advanced treatments aim to fit your clinical expectations, preference for downtime, and financial situation.

In addition to the PrecisionTx procedure, we also offer non-surgical options such as RF devices, FaceTite®, Ultrasound facial rejuvenation, and the Ellevate Non-surgical Neck Lift, just to name a few. For patients that will benefit more from cosmetic surgical options, we are pleased to offer facelift surgery, neck lift surgery, "brow lift surgery, and more. With so many great options to choose from, it may be difficult to know which one is right for you. At your initial consultation for PrecisionTx Montclair plastic surgeon, Dr. DiBernardo will take the time to get to know you and your unique goals. He will evaluate your skin and recommend the treatment that best suits your budget, lifestyle, and desired outcome. Together, you and our medical staff will decide on the treatment option that best serves your needs.

Does PrecisionTx Hurt?

PrecisionTx is well tolerated and the treatment itself has minimal pain. Local anesthetic or ice may be used to numb the area prior to treatment. Unlike surgery, general anesthesia is not required for laser skin tightening with PrecisionTx.

The device uses gentle heat energy to increase collagen production in the skin. It features ThermaGuide™ temperature-sensing technology to precisely control the heat that is administered to the skin for unmatched safety. It also uses a shorter cannula, making it suitable for treating small, contoured areas such as the chin and neck region. Lower face and neck tightening is often difficult to accomplish with comparable skin tightening devices. While the treatment itself is relatively painless based on data obtained from PrecisionTx reviews, mild swelling and bruising may occur for a few days following treatment.

Why Choose New Jersey Plastic Surgery For Your PrecisionTx Treatments?

New Jersey Plastic Surgery is among the nation’s top destinations for advanced laser, light, energy, ultrasound facial rejuvenation, along with a full suite of other non-surgical and surgical cosmetic services.

New Jersey Plastic Surgery is led by board-certified New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Barry DiBernardo, a key opinion leader in facial rejuvenation technology. He is trusted by numerous national and international firms to assess emerging technologies and tools, including radiofrequency devices, laser, skincare products, injectable fillers, hair restoration options, and more. Dr. DiBernardo personally led the original research and development of the Precision Tx® (Necklase).

To learn how the aesthetic specialists at New Jersey Plastic Surgery can help achieve your cosmetic goals and improve your self-confidence, contact us today online or at (973) 509-2000.

PrecisionTx Montclair

How Much Does PrecisionTx Cost?

PrecisionTx is a customized treatment. As such, the cost of PrecisionTx is variable. To get a price quote for your New Jersey PrecisionTx treatment, schedule a no-obligation consultation with us today. It may require concomitant treatment with MyEllevate if muscle bands or jowls are present (see below).

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