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Dr. Barry DiBernardo Talks Cellulaze on Fox News New Jersey Plastic Surgery

New York News

It seems that Cellulaze, the hot new treatment for cellulite spearheaded by our own Dr. Barry DiBernardo, isn’t going to lose the interest of the media anytime soon. Fox News 5, in New York, recently interviewed Dr. DiBernardo about the revolutionary new treatment.

Cellulite is a condition that afflicts 85 per cent of women which is characterized by lumpy, dimpled skin on the thighs, buttocks and midsection. Unlike mere fat, cellulite cannot be exercised out; because of tight connective tissue that pulls down on the skin, fat pockets bubble up, creating the “cottage cheese” appearance.

Unlike topical cellulite creams and other treatments, Cellulaze works underneath the skin. Under local anesthetic, a laser canula is inserted through a small incision and thermal energy will be released to melt fat deposits, sever the tight connective tissue, and heat up the skin, which encourages collagen growth.

The treatment is being lauded not only for its effectiveness, but also its longevity: a study authored by Dr. DiBernardo found that patients can expect to maintain for at least a year or more. One patient in an early study has enjoyed her results for three years now.

Cellulaze has been featured in a report on CNN by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, as well as in the pages of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Now Dr. DiBernardo himself has been interviewed about Cellulaze by America’s leading news network.

If you are interested in Cellulaze, seek out Dr. DiBernardo for a consultation.

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