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Dr. Sanjay Gupta Reports on Cellulaze New Jersey Plastic Surgery

Earlier this month, the cellulite treatment Cellulaze was the subject of a report filed by Dr. Sanjay Gupta on CNN.

The report features a young woman undergoing the treatment on camera, providing a first-hand look at how Cellulaze treatment is performed.

“I’ve been working out my entire life,” said Shekia Richard, the patient undergoing the Cellulaze treatment in the report. “Very athletic, have been forever. Used to be in the military. I still have issues.”

Dr. Gupta’s report cites a study authored by Dr. Barry DiBernardo, a study which shows that results of the treatment are both impressive and long-lasting, up to a year or more. One patient from an early trial, according to Dr. Gupta, has enjoyed visible results for three years.

Cellulite is caused by fibrous tissue underneath the skin pulling too tight and causing fat cells to bubble up and skin to dimple. As such, creams and other topical treatments only mask the problem.

“Having watched that piece, you probably understand why a cream would not work,” said Dr. Gupta. “What most of those creams tend to do is they tend to plump up your skin, give a little bit of increased bloodflow, so you look like the skin is plumper and you don’t see the cellulitis as much. It’s not addressing the cellulitis…and it’s very temporary…as a result.”

Cellulite affects over 80 per cent of women. Cellulaze has proven to be a minimally-invasive procedure that produces long-lasting results, upwards of a year according Dr. DiBernardo’s study. If you’re interested in Cellulaze to treat your cellulite, contact Dr. DiBernardo’s office for a consultation. Dr. DiBernardo has performed more Cellulaze treatments than anyone else in the world.


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