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VASERLipo in New Jersey

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What is VASER®Lipo?

VASER®Lipo is a groundbreaking fat removal procedure that can replace traditional liposuction techniques. VASER® liposuction is an effective alternative because it is safe with less downtime and more predictable results.

How Does VASER®Lipo Work?

VASER® stands for vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance, which refers to the ultrasound-assisted technology utilized in this liposuction procedure. VASER®Lipo allows for body sculpting like never before because it is precise and does not remove any surrounding tissue with the fat. The ultrasound technology separates the fat from surrounding blood vessels and connective tissue so that only the fat is suctioned out. In traditional liposuction, this is not the case, and surrounding tissue is always included in the removal. With VASER®Lipo the finish is smoother and precise sculpting is possible.

Types of VASER® Liposuction: 4D Liposuction

VASER® liposuction can be performed on its own or in conjunction with 4D liposuction techniques. During 4D liposuction techniques, sometimes called liposculpture, fat is both removed and replaced for complete body sculpting. This is known as VASER® 4D liposuction.

What is VASER® 4D Lipo?

VASER® 4D Lipo combines the innovative ultrasound technology of VASER® with fat grafting techniques. During VASER® 4D Lipo, fat is precisely removed from the targeted area and then re-inserted in a different area of the body. This results in a fine-tuning of the body unachievable by nearly every other method. With VASER® 4D Lipo, Dr. DiBernardo can work as a true sculptor and mold the body into ideal proportions and contours, all with the safety of using one’s own natural fat.

How Much Does VASER® Liposuction Cost?

The cost of VASER® liposuction can vary according to your desired results and the targeted body areas. Scheduling a consultation with Dr. DiBernardo is the most efficient way to learn a realistic cost for VASER®Lipo based on your goals. For your payment convenience, we accept cash, check, Visa®, Master®Card, American Express® and Discover® for all procedures. We also have financing options available to our customers via CareCredit® and Alphaeon.

What to Expect Following a VASER®Lipo Procedure?

VASER® liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure and people typically return to their normal schedule in just a few days. The results of VASER®Lipo procedures are visible immediately, but will continue to develop for several months. Once fully visible, you should be able to maintain the results with weight maintenance, diet, and exercise.

If you’re considering this innovative, modern solution to eliminate problematic fat, contact New Jersey Plastic Surgery® today to schedule an appointment. This procedure is a safe way to get results in your most troublesome body areas. Our office, located in Montclair, NJ, proudly offers VASER® liposuction to residents of Bloomfield, Essex County, Morristown and surrounding areas.

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