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Ideal Implant

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Introducing the Ideal Implant at New Jersey Plastic Surgery

At New Jersey Plastic Surgery, our team is dedicated to offering the best possible aesthetic solutions for our patients. Along with providing care from world-class doctors specializing in the newest procedures, our office is proud to offer the newest in breast implant technology. To ensure the best possible results during breast augmentation and reconstruction, New Jersey Plastic Surgery now offers a new form of implant called the Ideal Implant.

About Breast Augmentation Implants

If you have been considering getting breast augmentation or breast reconstruction surgery, you will need to select a breast implant that will give you the results that you want. In the past, there were really only two options available: silicone and saline.

Silicone implants, which looked and felt natural, had the potential of silent rupture. The silent rupture was such a pervasive (and dangerous) problem, doctors advised patients to get an MRI every couple of years out of fear that a silent rupture could happen at any given moment.

Saline implants were far safer, and if they ruptured, would be able to be safely reabsorbed into their bodies. They had the unfortunate tendency of being less realistic in terms of both look and feel. Many women felt like they had to trade safety for appearance.

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The Ideal Implant: The Best of Both Worlds

The Ideal Implant is one of the most revolutionary innovations in breast implant technology to date. This implant is a specialized saline implant that uses multiple barriers to help control the flow of the saline. By controlling the flow of saline, the Ideal Implant gives a more natural, youthful appearance and feel.

Since the Ideal Implant is still made of saline, the chances of a silent rupture are greatly reduced—and if a rupture somehow does occur, it will be safer for the patient. Saline implants are designed to be “early warning” to rupture, and that includes the Ideal Implant. This means that patients who have them will be able to avoid regular MRIs.

Great Results Without the Pitfalls of Traditional Implants

Both traditional saline and silicone implants have pitfalls that made patients feel like they had to choose between the less of two sets of risks. The Ideal Implant is so popular among upscale surgery groups because it eliminates the pitfalls of both traditional types of implant. This makes them an ideal choice for more patients.

Ideal Implants can be used for both breast augmentation and breast reconstruction surgery with excellent results. Their natural look will keep things beautiful, youthful, and yet, also subtle.

Talk to Us About the Ideal Implant

Getting breast augmentation or breast reconstruction surgery is not something to be taken lightly. You need to have both the right team and the right implant to get the results you want to have. Our office of highly qualified surgeons, technicians, and assistants are here to help guide you, answer questions for you, and give you the results you want to have. If you have questions about the Ideal Implant, please call our office for a consultation.

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