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Breast Surgery in Montclair

As one of the nation’s premier cosmetic surgery destinations, New Jersey Plastic Surgery welcomes patients from across the country who seek breast enhancement and other aesthetic solutions. Led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Barry DiBernardo, our renowned practice offers a number of surgical options, allowing us to meet the unique needs of every person who visits us, from women who want larger, fuller breasts, to men hoping to remove excess breast tissue.

You deserve to feel confident with the appearance of your breasts. To learn how Dr. DiBernardo can help you, please contact us today by completing the form on this page or calling 973.509.2000 to schedule an initial consultation. New Jersey Plastic Surgery serves Montclair, Clifton and Newark and welcomes patients from throughout the United States and abroad.

Our Surgical Breast Procedures

Cosmetic breast surgery isn’t just about changing your physical appearance; it’s about feeling attractive, vibrant and confident. Dr. DiBernardo will work closely with you to understand your concerns and collaborate on a customized treatment plan that can best achieve your unique goals. Our breast surgery options include:

  • Breast augmentation: If you are unhappy about some aspect of your breasts, whether you feel they are too small, uneven in size, or the breast tissue appears flat and deflated after a dramatic weight loss or breastfeeding, breast augmentation can restore a full, firm appearance to your breasts.
  • Breast lift: Clinically knows as mastopexy, breast lift surgery lifts the breasts, removes excess skin and reshapes the breast tissue to create a perky and youthful look. While effective as a stand-alone procedure, breast lifts are often performed in conjunction with other procedures such as breast augmentation.
  • Breast reduction: If heavy breasts have weighed you down for years, breast reduction surgery can give you breasts that are smaller, lighter and more manageable while still feminine, beautiful and balanced.
  • Breast Implant exchange: After years in place, alterations of the breast pocket, Skin laxity and sagging cause the breasts to loose their youthful appearance: Exchange to more current implants, correction of the packet and creation of an internal sling can achieve a highly aesthetic restoration. 
  • Ideal Structures implants: In a class by themselves; new structure saline breast implants have the advantages of saline implants, yet the feel of gel implants
  • Breast Implant removal:  some no longer wish to have breast implants and desire removal. This is a simple procedure and volume can often be exchanged with your body’s own natural fat
  • Non Surgical Energy Breast Energy tightening: If correctly selected, breasts with mild to moderate sagging can be tightening in a minimally invasive procedure using Radio-Frequency Energy. Typical circumferential lift can be 1-2 cm or more is some cases. Scars are undetectable.
  • Male breast reduction (gynecomastia treatment): If you are a man with overly large and feminine breasts (a condition known as gynecomastia), male breast reduction surgery can eliminate unwanted breast tissue and restore an attractive masculine appearance. This can often be done with minimally invasive technologies.
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Why Choose New Jersey Plastic Surgery?

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Barry DiBernardo is a leader in his field with nearly three decades of experience. Under his direction, New Jersey Plastic Surgery has built a reputation for excellence by combining innovation, technology and research with Ritz Carlton-level service to create an unparalleled patient experience. 

As a master photographer who has worked with National Geographic photographers and exhibited in the world-renowned Ansel Adams Gallery, Dr. DiBernardo applies his artful eye for detail and respect for harmonious balance and beauty to every procedure he performs. We invite you to visit our before-and-after gallery to see examples of his stunning results for yourself.

In addition to his depth of surgical expertise, Dr. DiBernardo provides his patients with warm, professional, patient-centered care. When you choose New Jersey Plastic Surgery, you can expect the gold-standard in service, safety and satisfaction. 

Schedule Your Cosmetic Breast Surgery Consultation Today

Whatever your reason for seeking breast enhancement surgery, you have come to the right place. To learn how we can help you, call 973.509.2000 today to schedule an initial consultation. We welcome nearby patients from Montclair, Clifton and Newark, as well as those from throughout the United States and across the globe.

The first step toward achieving the balanced, well-proportioned look you desire is to meet personally with our board-certified plastic surgeon. During your comprehensive initial consultation, Dr. DiBernardo will discuss your goals, answer your questions and address your concerns. He will take your measurements, assess your physical condition and review your medical history. Once he has explained all of your treatment options and recommended your best course of action, he will work with you to design a fully-tailored plan designed just for you. 

Utilizing Vectra® 3D imaging, you can see your “result” with different implants on your own image before the big day. NJPS has the latest and one of the largest collection of imaging devices world-wide.


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