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Rhinoplasty & Revision Rhinoplasty

Your nose plays a critical role in the harmony and balance of your facial features. Even slight cosmetic changes to your nose’s structure can make a dramatic difference in the way your face is perceived, and the confidence you feel when you look in the mirror. Not only can rhinoplasty alter the aesthetic features of your nose, it can also restore breathing function.

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What Issues Can Rhinoplasty Address?

Rhinoplasty, often simply referred to as a “nose job”, is most commonly performed to address cosmetic concerns, but this popular facial plastic surgery procedure can also correct breathing problems caused by nose defects or injuries. Rhinoplasty can address issues, such as:

  • Large nose
  • Nose that is too wide
  • Nose that is too narrow
  • Nasal tip that is too bulbous, short, or upturned
  • Nose bridge hump or bump
  • Concave bridge
  • Wide, long, or misshapen nostrils
  • Asymmetrical nose
  • Crooked nose

Rhinoplasty can give your nose a more attractive shape and create balance and proportion with your other facial features. During your initial consultation with one of our experienced plastic surgeons, you’ll have an opportunity to discuss your aesthetic concerns and learn if rhinoplasty is right for you. 


Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty offers an array of benefits, including:

  • Greater harmony and balance of your facial features
  • Improved breathing and nasal function
  • Improved symmetry
  • Long-lasting results
  • Increased self-confidence 

The ideal nose should complement your face, not detract from it. At New Jersey Plastic Surgery, we take pride in creating results that are elegant and balanced. Our goal is to sculpt your nose to compliment your face. We encourage you to visit our before and after gallery to see examples of our previous work.


Am I a Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose, rhinoplasty may be your best option. Ideal rhinoplasty candidates:

  • Are in generally good health
  • Do not smoke, or are willing to quit before surgery and throughout the duration of recovery
  • Have completed facial growth
  • Have realistic expectations for nose surgery results

The best way to find out if you’re a good rhinoplasty candidate is to meet personally with one of our experienced surgeons at New Jersey Plastic Surgery. During your initial consult, your medical history will be reviewed, your goals will be discussed, and your candidacy for nose surgery will be determined. This will also be an opportunity to ask questions about your procedure and all of your treatment options. 


Open Rhinoplasty

Open rhinoplasty is a nose-reshaping technique that involves an incision in the columella, the strip of tissue between the nostrils. Once healed, this method produces a very discreet, virtually invisible scar. Open rhinoplasty is suitable for individuals who desire more extensive correction, especially to the nasal tip. This method offers a great deal of versatility and control, making it a very popular rhinoplasty technique. 


Closed Rhinoplasty

 In closed rhinoplasty, incisions are made within the nostrils, providing a “scarless” result, because scars are not visible from the nose’s surface. Additionally, closed rhinoplasty also provides faster healing. While these are significant advantages, closed rhinoplasty is not an appropriate technique for extensive correction to the tip or bridge of the nose. The rhinoplasty method that is best for your nose and desired outcome will be determined and explained during your initial consultation at New Jersey Plastic Surgery. 


Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty is performed after a previous nose surgery failed to provide the desired outcome. Similar to a primary rhinoplasty, a revision nose job corrects aesthetic flaws and structural imperfections of the nose. However, revision rhinoplasty is more complex than a primary procedure. It requires the knowledge and skill of an experienced plastic surgeon who possesses a deep understanding of nasal structures and advanced surgical techniques. 

Led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Barry DiBernardo, New Jersey Plastic Surgery has built a reputation for excellence in facial cosmetic surgery. Our experienced surgeons combine extensive knowledge and surgical skill with artistry and precision to create beautiful, balanced results. 

While every patient is unique, ideal revision rhinoplasty candidates should wait at least one year after their original nose surgery to ensure they have fully healed. During your initial consultation, we will discuss what you would like to achieve with your revision rhinoplasty and explain all of your options. 


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