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Juvederm Voluma in Montclair

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Juvederm Voluma Montclair Juvederm Voluma Montclair

Have you looked at photos of yourself recently, only to notice sunken cheeks or a poorly defined chin?

Juvederm Voluma may be the non-surgical solution you are looking for. At New Jersey Plastic Surgery, Dr. DiBernardo, Dr. Trovato, and Astin Civitano, RN, BSN can help you achieve natural-looking results during a quick visit to our office. Voluma injections can even be performed on your lunch hour!

Who Performs The Juvederm Voluma Injections At NJ Plastic Surgery?

Our nurse injector is Astin Civitano. Astin has been trained by leading cosmetic injectable companies such as Allergan, Galderma, and more to hone her injection technique.

She has approximately 15 years of experience injecting facial fillers in a plastic surgery setting. She has performed thousands of facial injections in her career, helping patients have attractive, age-defying skin that appears to age minimally year after year. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. DiBernardo supervises all aspects of our non-surgical aesthetic services.

He has hand-selected Astin based on her unique talent and unparalleled expertise in administering cosmetic injectables such as Juvederm Voluma. A consultation with Astin will help put your hesitation to try dermal fillers at ease — However, there is no pressure or obligation to try cheek enhancement or chin enhancement on the spot.

At New Jersey Plastic Surgery, we strive to deliver the best Juverderm Voluma Montclair has to offer, and we empower each patient to make the right choice for their appearance by providing information and answering questions so you feel confident no matter what you ultimately decide. And if you wish to have facial fillers such as Juvederm Voluma injected, we are able to perform the procedure during the appointment if you wish. It’s that easy.

Montclair Juvederm Voluma

What Is Juvederm Voluma Used For?

“Facial fillers consist of a biocompatible material that is strategically injected into the face to replace the volume lost from aging, weight loss, and more. The two areas of the face that benefit most from a Juvederm Voluma filler treatment are the cheeks and chin area.

Our board-certified plastic surgeons and experienced nurse injector are dedicated to your comfort, safety, and positive outcome. We customize treatment to address your areas of concern, from wrinkles to volume loss to double chin and more. To learn how New Jersey Plastic Surgery can help you achieve your cosmetic goals and improve your self-confidence, contact us today online or at (973) 509-2000.

Does Juvederm Voluma Hurt?

Does cheek augmentation hurt? Is chin augmentation painful? These are among the top concerns of patients that are having dermal fillers for the first time. Our Montclair Juvederm Voluma patients are quite relieved to know that not only is the procedure fast, taking approximately just 30 minutes or less, but it is also nearly painless.

As an in-office procedure that can take place during your lunch hour, Juvederm Voluma is minimally invasive and thus causes significantly less pain and discomfort than surgical augmentation. Astin has a caring bedside manner and a careful hand. Using a fine needle or cannula, she will mark and inject the product just below the skin, causing hardly any pain at all. The procedure itself is quite tolerable. There is minimal injection site pain as well.

Is My Juvederm Voluma Treatment Customizable?

Yes, absolutely. Frequently, our patients have more than one area of cosmetic concern since aging is not resigned to just a single area. Our nonsurgical department is fully equipped with top-quality dermal fillers from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Each product is FDA approved to work. We can personalize the treatment to address your preferences so that you get the result you want. Juvederm Voluma works well alongside various other dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers to create faces that age flawlessly while allowing the patient to remain true to themselves. Natural results are our specialty. You can trust Astin to design a fully customized treatment plan that addresses your unique concerns. Special attention is paid to your individual requests so that the outcome matches your expectations every time.

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Why Choose Dermal Fillers Instead of Cheek Implants Or A Permanent Chin Implant?

While anatomical implants provide a long term solution to aging facial features, there are some factors to consider. There are many attractive benefits of choosing dermal fillers rather than permanent cheek implants or chin implants, such as:

  • No downtime or recovery period
  • Virtually painless
  • Safer than surgery
  • No scarring or incisions
  • Drive yourself home from treatment
  • Minimal side effects
  • Less expensive
  • Long-lasting results without the permanence or commitment of cosmetic surgery

With non-surgical cosmetic enhancement using Juvederm Voluma, it is easy to correct loss of cheek volume or make a chin that’s too small, narrow, or poorly defined appear more shapely. Juvederm Voluma is also FDA-approved for cheek and chin augmentation. In fact, it is the only hyaluronic acid product that is approved for the chin area.

Juvederm Voluma Montclair

Which Type of Juvederm Is Right For Me?

Juvederm is a recognizable name, but there are actually several different products bearing the Juvederm brand. Each Juvederm formulation consists of hyaluronic acid or HA.

HA molecules play a key role in hydrating the skin, which improves elasticity and youthfulness, but the body produces less HA over time. Juvederm fillers and similar products restore hyaluronic acid to aging areas of the face. Our nurse injector is trained to match you with the right injectable to achieve the desired facial rejuvenation result you wish to achieve. In addition to Juvederm, we carry a complete range of dermal fillers and muscle relaxants to create beautiful faces that look entirely natural.

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