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Spending Less on Your Plastic Surgery

Spending Less on Your Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery in New JerseyFor people who would otherwise be interested in undergoing plastic surgery, the perceived cost of such procedures can often have people second-guessing their desire for a cosmetic touch-up. With procedures like tummy tucks and breast implants reaching upwards of $5000, it’s no wonder some folks baulk at those prices.

But don’t give up hope for a new you – there are plenty of less costly alternatives to help you look a little fresher and more renewed.

Less-costly alternatives to the more invasive procedures

For those looking to add some vitality to their visage, consider facial treatments like Botox and other injectable treatments. Sure, they’re less permanent than a facelift, but if you’re looking for a more subtle effect, for a fraction of the cost, these options could be for you. Injections of Botox typically hit the $300-$400 range (talk to your surgeon about their prices), and their effects can last months.

Another option to give your face more vibrant is to whiten your smile. Your teeth have an impact on the impression you give to others, and while a dentist will do the best job possible, drug store alternatives are out there for as little as $40.

Lastly, there’s always the option of laser hair removal. If you wax, you may be spending less in the short term, but the maintenance approach can cost a lot over time. Laser hair removal, unlike the other options on this list, boasts relatively permanent results, and still only costs around the $330 range.

If these sound like something you’d like to give a try, or are interested in any other inexpensive, but no less effective, treatments, contact your surgeon’s office to book a consultation.

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