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At New Jersey Plastic Surgery® we believe that beauty is its own reason for being, and we believe in empowering our patients to achieve the promise of happiness that personal beauty is. Your quality of life, your chances in life and your personal happiness, can all be affected by cosmetic factors, which is why New Jersey Plastic Surgery® is the office you can trust to help you get the look you want. Why not get started on the next stage of your personal beauty journey by scheduling your in-house consultation now.

Plastic Surgery in New JerseyOur practice is led by Dr. Barry DiBernardo, the medical director of New Jersey Plastic Surgery® whose expertise caused Harper’s Bazaar to name him as one of the top 24 beauty doctors in the nation, in addition to being regularly celebrated as one of the best plastic surgeons in America from the NYC metropolitan region and frequently named as one of New Jersey’s best doctors. Dr. DiBernardo is a leader in the field and a pioneer who has been recognized by his peers. He is a past president of the New Jersey Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. DiBernardo’s approach is based on working diligently with each patient, really taking the time to get to know your concerns and your goals above all else. Dr. DiBernardo’s approach is based on helping you achieve the look you want, by combining his incredible technical skill with his very human ability to listen and to hear and understand what it is that you want, as well as the journey of personal transformation that you have courageously undertaken.

Dr. DiBernardo’s recognition as one of the top 24 beauty doctors in the nation and his respect for the dignity of his patients is a source of inspiration for the other outstanding members of the New Jersey Plastic Surgery® team: Dr. Maria Del Vecchio, and Dr. Louis Citarelli. Dr. Del Vecchio is much beloved by her patients for the amazing results she delivers, in addition to her innovative clinical approach, which includes combining traditional medicine and all manner of appearance enhancing aesthetic procedures, alongside an anti-aging/preventative care/wellness based approach. We were recently honored to have Dr. Citarelli join our staff, who specializes in providing PRP therapy, a completely natural, cutting edge procedure used to safely treat hair loss, as well as reversing signs of aging of the face, neck, hands and other parts of the body.

There’s a reason why our patients rave about the New Jersey Plastic Surgery® practice and the stunning, quality of life enhancing results that we achieve day in and day out on behalf of our patients. We truly believe that with the entire team at New Jersey Plastic Surgery® on your side you can get the look you want and achieve your cosmetic and aesthetic goals. Contact us now to start believing in your personal beauty again and take action to reach your aesthetic goals with partners who you can count on to deliver results you will love.

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