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What Is BodyTite?

BodyTite is a new body contouring treatment that uses radio frequency to break up fat cells and force skin cells to contract. Because the radio frequencies only harm fat cells, no other cells in your body will be harmed.

The treatment is minimally invasive and helps get rid of the skin laxity that comes from aging, weight loss, or  pregnancy. Since it’s a body contouring treatment, BodyTite also helps get rid of fat in your body.

Why Choose BodyTite?

If you have been trying to lose fat that hasn’t budged, or are tired of dealing with lax skin taking away from your major weight loss, you probably want to get body contouring. BodyTite offers a natural appearance of a contoured figure, fat loss in all the right places, and a faster recovery time than regular body lifts.

How Is BodyTite Performed?

BodyTite needs to be performed under local anesthesia by a board certified surgeon.  The procedure is usually done under local anaesthesia, multiple areas will be done under sedation.  After that, an incision is made and a small thin tube called a cannula is inserted in your body. BodyTite differs because it tightens on the inside and outside of the skin.

The BodyTite equipment then sends jolt of radio frequencies that liquefies fat cells and tightens up skin. Temperature safeguards are added to prevent burns and add an extra level of safety. After contouring is finished, your doctor will close the incision.

Recovery usually consists of several days of soreness, but since it’s minimally invasive, you should expect to have a much faster recovery than a typical liposuction or bodylift procedure.

Are You A Good Candidate For BodyTite?

BodyTite is one of the best procedures for people who want to have a great body and fully enjoy the rewards of diet and exercise.

Unlike other procedures, BodyTite has somewhat stringent rules about who should and should not undergo this treatment. An ideal candidate is someone who:

  • Is within 30 percent of their ideal weight.
  • Wants to lose a little bit of extra fat in problem areas.
  • Has skin that is loose due to diet, pregnancy, or age.
  • Wants to correct it
  • Is in generally good health.

Curious About BodyTite?

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