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Pearl Fractional Laser in New Jersey

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What is Pearl Fractional Laser?

Pearl Fractional is a single-treatment third-generation, ablative fractional resurfacing, single treatment laser designed to treat skin imperfections, like sun damage or loose skin. Pearl Fractional offers you the very best combination of safety, patient experience and recovery time. Patients also notice a smoother, brighter complexion overall, as well as a youthful firmness.

Benefits of Pearl Fractional Laser

If you want to see improvements in your skin in terms of repairing photodamage, tone and texture and complexion, consider Pearl Fractional laser. Just one treatment with Pearl Fractional laser at New Jersey Plastic Surgery® is your ticket to new collagen creation, plumping your skin with youthful smoothness and firmness and clearing away blemishes and imperfections. Fraction therapy advances by only treating a fraction or small percentage of the skin. It utilizes tiny holes, enabling rapid recovery and safe treatment in a single treatment that gets deep into your skin with controlled energy to create results that last.

What is the Procedure for Pearl Fractional Laser?

Your Pearl Fractional laser treatment at New Jersey Plastic Surgery® will take less than an hour and commences with the application of a topical numbing medication on your skin to assure your comfort during your procedure.

What to Expect from Pearl Fractional Laser

No preparation is necessary, other than scheduling your consultation now with the beauty experts at New Jersey Plastic Surgery®.

Recovery from Pearly Fractional laser is quick and pain-free, with minimal downtime. Within a month or so patients start to see great results. Your recovery may vary based on the intensity of your treatment. Schedule your consultation now to find out if Pearl Fractional laser treatment is right for you.

How Much Does Pearl Fractional Laser Cost?

Your Pearl Fractional laser treatment at New Jersey Plastic Surgery® is completely customized to help you achieve significant improvements in terms of your specific skin imperfections and cosmetic flaws, so your cost for Pearl Fractional laser will vary based on your specific needs. At New Jersey Plastic Surgery® we also understand how patients are managing their budgets, which is why we offer a variety of financing options, including CareCredit®, Alphaeon, and American Healthcare Lending.

Is Pearl Fractional Right for Me?

Do you want to address skin imperfections and cosmetic flaws brought about by sun damage and aging? You may find that Pearl Fractional laser from New Jersey Plastic Surgery® is exactly what you need to treat your entire face, including delicate areas around the eyes and mouth that can show signs of aging.

Who is a Candidate for Pearl Fractional?

Do you have light to medium skin tones and flaws or imperfections in your skin that have been brought about by photodamage from the sun or due to the natural effects of aging? Pearl Fractional laser at New Jersey Plastic Surgery® is a phenomenal one-treatment approach to addressing these issues and seeing significant improvement. You may be an excellent candidate for Pearl Fractional laser from New Jersey Plastic Surgery®, so call us today or contact us now to schedule your Pearl Fractional laser consultation.

Pearl Fractional laser from New Jersey Plastic Surgery® is designed to help clear up age spots and improve your skin’s texture. If you live in or around Bloomfield, Essex County, Morristown or the surrounding communities contact New Jersey Plastic Surgery® in Montclair, NJ, today to set up an appointment.

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