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What is Cellulite? New Jersey Plastic Surgery

How is it different than regular fat?

If you suffer from cottage cheese thighs, or cellulite, you may have tried everything from exercise to medication to topical creams to dispel the unsightly dimples. However, cellulite is a different sort of beast than plain-vanilla fat, and isn’t as easy to get rid of.

“When many patients come into me as a plastic surgeon, they have issues and many things on their body that they can control,” says Dr. Barry DiBernardo, a world leader in the Cellulaze treatment.

“If they’re overweight, they can lose weight. They can change the color of their hair. But cellulite is something they can’t do anything about, and before Cellulaze, we couldn’t do anything about it. Now we can.”

Cellulite isn’t just fat, but fat being constricted by underlying connective tissues pulling the skin to tight around it. This causes the dimpled effect that gives cottage cheese thighs their name: The skin dimples where connective tissue pulls too tight, sinking the skin in, and bulges when fat is squeezed into less restricted areas of skin, pushing it out.

Because of this, cellulite isn’t something you can just work off, and medications or topical treatments will usually just mask the problem.

Cellulaze is different because it attacks the problem at the source: under the skin. Using concentrated laser pulses, fat cells are melted down, and the connective tissue is severed, allowing for more even skin levels.

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