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FAQs: GetHairMD New Jersey Plastic Surgery

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What is GetHairMD?

The GetHairMD system combines various methods, such as laser treatments, nutrition, prescription topicals, and at-home products, into a single customized package. This approach allows patients to receive the most effective and personalized treatment for their specific hair loss condition without having to consult multiple specialists or experiment with different treatments on their own. GetHairMD also offers patients access to qualified physicians who possess vast knowledge about the many possible causes of hair loss. These specialists can provide valuable advice on managing hair loss and create a personalized plan that is tailored to the individual needs of each patient.

What treatments are used by GetHairMD?

The professionals at GetHairMD understand that often the best way to treat an issue like hair loss is by using many different approaches. That’s why GetHairMD is composed of a network of treatments as well as physicians. Several different types of treatment may be incorporated into your customized plan.

Clinical Hair Growth Laser

This specialized and innovative laser uses low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to stimulate the growth of healthy hair by triggering the scalp tissues through photon emissions. This effective method is totally non-invasive, involves no downtime, and not only encourages new hair growth but slows active hair loss.

FUE Hair Transplant

This type of hair transplant is a minimally invasive technique where hair is removed and transplanted one follicle at a time. This produces very natural resultsM with no linear scarring and little downtime. The results are permanent, and the entire procedure can be completed within a day.

GetHairMD Laser Cap

The laser cap offers another way to use revolutionary LLLT to stimulate hair growth but in a convenient, wearable form. FDA-cleared and battery operated, the GetHairMD Laser Cap is a sports-style hat with built-in LLLT that can go anywhere, and the diodes inside provide the strongest laser technology on the market.

GetHairMD Hair Care

These medical-grade formulas are designed to make the scalp healthier and boost the effectiveness of the laser treatment. These topical products are only available through a medical professional because it’s important that they are used as directed due to their potency and effectiveness.

Corganics Supplements

Corganics are an exceptional line of CBD products that come in soft gel, cream, or drop form. Doctor recommended, Corganics CBD products are a great complementary addition to your hair loss treatment plan.

What are the benefits of GetHairMD?

The best part about GetHairMD is that it takes out the guesswork and makes it simple. You will have a qualified and knowledgeable doctor who can choose from a variety of safe, effective, minimally invasive hair loss treatments that can both improve hair growth and slow hair loss. Take back control and build up your confidence with a full, thick head of hair. Just a few benefits of GetHairMD include:

  • Effective but minimally invasive therapies
  • Complementary approach to hair loss treatment
  • Clinically proven and permanent solutions

Am I a candidate for GetHairMD?

Most men and women who are suffering from hair loss or bald spots who are over age 18 are likely great candidates for GetHairMD. Because the treatments are very low risk and minimally invasive, there is virtually nothing that would eliminate someone from being able to receive this treatment. They can be used for hair loss, thinning, and bald spots due to aging, genetics, or health issues.

Is GetHairMD just for men?

Absolutely not! Many women dealing with hair loss have seen outstanding results from these techniques. Since the system isn’t specific to any particular hair loss cause, it’s great for both men and women.

How quickly will I see results from GetHairMD?

Different methods will work at different rates, and every patient’s scalp will also respond in a different way. Timeframes can vary, and your expert GetHairMD physician will discuss the expectation for your unique situation in detail at your consultation.

Is GetHairMD permanent?

Yes, the line of GetHairMD treatment methods is meant to generate permanent hair growth results. Results could vary depending on any person’s specific circumstances and treatment plan.

How do I know if GetHairMD is right for me?

Along with the highly curated selection of treatments and products, the second part of the GetHairMD system is the expert physicians who will guide you through the entire process. These physicians have knowledge about hair loss and treatment in general and have also been educated and trained specifically on the GetHairMD methods, with an understanding of all of the fine details about the best ways to use them.

How do I get started with GetHairMD?

If you’re ready to take the first step towards getting your hair back, a consultation with the doctors at New Jersey Plastic Surgery will start you on the path to regrowing your hair. With over 30 years in the aesthetics industry, they understand the importance of not only great results but top-quality patient care. He will customize your treatment for your unique needs and tailor the entire process to give you the best possible outcomes.

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