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FAQs: Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation New Jersey Plastic Surgery

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The Permanent, Implant-Free, Breast Augmentation Option

There are many choices to make when considering breast augmentation. If you are looking for an alternative that is more natural than silicone and longer lasting, fat transfer breast augmentation could be the option you've been looking for.

What is a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Fat transfer breast augmentation is an innovative procedure that offers a natural and sophisticated approach to enhancing breast volume. First, excess fat is gently harvested from other areas of your body through a minimally invasive liposuction process. This harvested fat is then carefully purified and prepared. Finally, the purified fat is strategically injected into the breasts to achieve the desired augmentation.

This breast enlargement technique is advantageous because it not only adds volume to the breasts but also contours your body by utilizing and shrinking your unwanted pockets of fat. Fat transfer breast augmentation, sometimes referred to as natural breast augmentation, fat grafting breast augmentation, or fat injection breast augmentation, avoids the use of artificial implants, which means there is no foreign object in your body.

How is fat harvested for a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

The first part of this procedure involves removing subcutaneous fat from the body using liposuction. Fat may be removed from areas including the stomach, hips, buttocks, arms, or back. Liposuction involves making tiny incisions in the extraction area and inserting a suction device called a cannula that breaks up and sucks out the fat cells. Then, the extracted fat is put into a centrifuge, which purifies the fat by removing blood, water, and oil. These refined fat cells are then safely injected into the breasts.

Will I lose weight during a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

While the liposuction that is required to transfer fat into the breasts does remove fat, it is a small amount in terms of weight. Liposuction is not considered a weight loss procedure, and even when combined with other body contouring procedures such as a tummy tuck or a mommy makeover, the actual weight of the fat extracted during liposuction is minimal - perhaps six to eight pounds at most. And in the case of fat transfer, at least part of that weight is then moved to the breasts. We encourage patients to be at or near their goal weight before undergoing fat grafting breast augmentation or body contouring of any kind.

Is a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation reversible?

In general, this procedure is typically considered permanent and is not reversible. At least not in the same way that a silicone or saline implant can be removed if a patient changes their preferences. The fat that has been transferred to your breasts is injected around delicate structures and layers of tissue, and it is difficult or potentially not possible to re-extract that fat. While there may be ways to make revisions, it's not as simple as removing a traditional implant.

Is a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation safe?

With a qualified and experienced surgeon, fat transfer breast augmentation is safe. However, this is a procedure that takes finesse, and it is not something that every surgeon has experience with. That's why it's especially important to select a board-certified plastic surgeon with expertise in this area and proven success with many patients. Even with the most experienced surgeon, there are still risks, including bleeding or infection. A rare but possible side effect with fat transfer is fat necrosis, where small lumps of dead fat cells form in the breast tissue, causing unevenness and pain.

How much can you increase your breast size with a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

In most cases, this method of breast enhancement can increase breast size up to one cup size or possibly two at most. Patients interested in a size increase larger than about one cup size will want to consider artificial breast implants. Also, keep in mind that if there is breast sagging, fat transfer will not correct this, and a breast lift may be required.

How long do the results of a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation last?

Unlike an artificial implant that will need revision eventually, fat transfer breast augmentation is permanent and lasts a lifetime. Just like a skin graft that would "live" on a new part of the body, the fat cells that are injected or "grafted" into the breasts stay there permanently.

Taking The Next Steps

If it sounds like this type of breast augmentation could be a great option for you, the next step in your journey is to book a consultation with an expert in the field, like the board-certified and experienced plastic surgeons at New Jersey Plastic Surgery. We can help you evaluate all your options and create a customized treatment plan for your breast augmentation.

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