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Cellulaze – The Cure for Cellulite New Jersey Plastic Surgery

Have you ever dreaded going to the beach, because wearing shorts or a bathing suit would reveal to the world at large your “cottage cheese thighs?” That’s cellulite. It has been a source of embarrassment for women for years, and has proven very hard to treat.

Until now.

Cellulaze is a revolutionary treatment for cellulite that has recently been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Barry DiBernardo is the lead investigator for the Cellulaze project, and to date has performed the treatment more than any doctor on earth.

How Cellulaze works is as simple as it is groundbreaking; Under local anesthetic, one or more incisions will be made near the afflicted area. The surgeon inserts a small tube through this incision, which generates a concentrated laser. This laser is then used to melt fat, break up underlying tissue bands, and encourage collagen growth.

The results are dramatic, and long-lasting.

“We’re seeing markedly higher improvements levels of cellulite than we have with any other treatments in the past,” says Dr. DiBernardo. “We’re not seeing that transient nature of the improvement. We’re seeing results at six months, at one year, which is a great breakthrough. And remember, that’s only one treatment.”

There’s very little recovery time, so patients can resume their normal lives shortly after the procedure.

Cellulite affects an estimated 85 per cent of women. Cellulite is characterized by dimpled and uneven skin in the thighs, midsection, back or buttocks. According to patients surveyed one year after the procedure, 93 per cent of patients reported satisfactory results.

If you suffer from cellulite, and are interested in visible, long-lasting results, you can do no better than booking a consultation with Dr. DiBernardo. To see results for yourself, take a look at some before and after photos on his website.


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