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Breakthrough Treatment: Advanced Hair RestorationNew Jersey Plastic Surgery

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A Revolutionary, Comprehensive Advancement In Hair Restoration Technology

Over 80 million Americans suffer from hair loss. This can be due to age, hormonal factors, improper hair care, or simply genetics. Since virtually anyone can experience hair loss, and it can be due to a wide variety of reasons, the best solution is usually a multi-faceted approach. But, with the global hair restoration industry topping $4 billion, how do you know where to start? Which products, if any, really work? Is invasive surgery the only real solution? What if you waste money trying endless topicals and supplements that never make a difference? For many hair loss patients, professional guidance and medically-backed, quality treatments are the answer. GetHairMD offers a completely comprehensive option for hair restoration. GetHairMD is more than a single solution; it's a hair restoration program that aims to treat your hair loss from all angles and customize a treatment plan under the direction of knowledgeable hair restoration medical professionals.

What is GetHairMD?

GetHairMD is an innovative and comprehensive hair restoration strategy that allows patients and providers to select the most potent and individualized therapy for their distinct hair loss situation. This eliminates the need to seek out multiple, time-consuming expert consultations or costly trial-and-error with various at-home remedies. This solution blends a range of techniques, including laser therapies, nutritional support, prescribed topical treatments, and specialized home-use products, into a singular, tailor-made bundle. This is all accomplished under the expert guidance of a medical professional who can help pinpoint your unique needs and recognize the diverse potential causes of hair loss as well as the most effective ways to restore your hair.

Clinical Hair Growth Laser

With an over 90 percent success rate for both men and women, this simple, in-office clinical hair growth laser is a first line of defense to treat androgenetic alopecia, commonly known as male pattern or female pattern hair loss. The GetHairMD laser helps restore hair growth by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles, decreasing inflammation in the follicles, and stimulating cell activity to remove detrimental DHT. Along with addressing genetic hair loss, this treatment also boosts hair volume and improves the overall appearance.

FUE Hair Transplant

An FUE transplant moves healthy hair follicles one by one from a healthy donor area in the scalp into the thinning or balding areas. As a possible option within the GetHairMD program, this type of hair transplant is innovative and highly effective for regrowth as well as producing natural-looking results. FUE results in little to no scarring since hair is transplanted using a one-millimeter punch tool, no sutures are needed, and the procedure is performed using only local anesthetic.

GetHairMD Laser Cap

The laser cap takes the clinical hair growth laser and makes it portable and user-friendly. This low-level laser is delivered to the scalp via a sports cap liner insert and can be used virtually anytime, anywhere. This convenient and discreet treatment is typically used as maintenance three times a week for about 30 minutes per session. The low-level laser provides the same stimulation as the in-office treatment, healing hair follicles and promoting fuller, thicker hair growth.

GetHairMD Hair Care

Along with laser treatment and transplant, another important part of tackling hair loss is proper hair care. The GetHairMD program includes a replenishing shampoo, a restorative conditioner, and a growth serum. The gentle shampoo and conditioner are great for all hair types and can help add body, restore shine, and prevent hair breakage for stronger, healthier hair from root to tip. The serum contains a potent peptide and natural extracts to create a prime environment for new hair growth.

Corganics Supplements

With a range of high-quality CBD offerings, Corganics products come highly recommended by doctors. These scientifically formulated CBD products are designed to be comparable to the effectiveness and quality of leading prescription medications. Available in soft gel, cream, or drop formats, Corganics' exceptional CBD line serves as a fantastic supplement to your approach to managing hair loss.

Your Hair Regrowth Plan Is A Consultation Away

Not only is the GetHairMD program doctor-guided, but one of the most beneficial aspects is that the doctors who offer the program are carefully selected and held to the highest standards to ensure the integrity of the GetHairMD method. The best way to decide which combination of hair growth techniques is right for you is to schedule a private and thorough consultation with an expert provider like Dr. DiBernardo, who can provide you with all the details about your potentially life-changing GetHairMD treatment.

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