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Are There Tattoo Colors that Cannot be Removed? New Jersey Plastic Surgery

Yellow, blue, purple, turquoise – these are the common colors that most laser tattoo removal devices just cannot seem to get rid of. Some critics say that these colors are the hardest to remove with laser tattoo removal technology, with one exception…

All the colors of the rainbow can’t stop PicoSure!

One of the advantages to receiving a well-designed and highly crafted tattoo is that the tattoo artist blends, and blends again, different colors to achieve uniqueness in color. In the past this has meant that the true colors are more difficult to verify and since tattoo removal is dependent on the types and numbers of true colors, achieving quality removal results has proved difficult.

Until now.

For the most part, your basic tattoo removal lasers are effective at removing blacks and dark greens, but different dyes respond to different wavelengths of light. Enter PicoSure. As the first of its kind, PicoSure has harnessed an aesthetic innovation with picosecond laser technology for the safest, most effective intense photomechanical impact for removing any tattoo – and even pigmented lesions.

A recent study revealed that 1 in 5 Americans now have at least one tattoo. That’s 21% of US adults over the age of 18. Even more, over 50% of everyone who has a tattoo says they want it removed, and although a majority of those tattoos will be predominately in black (one of the easier colors to remove) most people will also have some hue to their body art and will need a more refined removal method.

If you are one of the five Americans that suffer from “tattoo regret”, it’s time to shatter the past and reveal your future with the unparalleled breakthrough innovation in laser technology.

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