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Otoplasty Before & After Pictures in New Jersey

Otoplasty Before & After Pictures in New Jersey2016-01-12T15:51:56+00:00

Otoplasty is most often performed on children and teenagers and can be used to correct imperfections and size disproportions in the ears. Dr. DiBernardo leads the team at New Jersey Plastic Surgery®, located in Montclair, NJ, and serving the residents of Essex, Morristown, and Bloomfield.

Otoplasty is a facial cosmetic surgery procedure that addresses oversized or protruding ears and is most commonly performed on children and teenagers though it can be performed on adults as well. Children who have ears that stick out or are noticeably large or asymmetrical are often the subject of ridicule and teasing by their peers. An otoplasty can help improve their self-image, as well as their self-esteem.

Otoplasty is commonly referred to as ear surgery and is beneficial in reshaping, resizing or improving any imperfections in the ear. It can also be helpful in correcting structural defects in the ear that may have been caused by genetics or injury. If you are unhappy with the current shape or size of your ears or ear lobes, an otoplasty is a solution. The surgery usually lasts up to two hours for each ear and the recovery period is short enough that patients can return to school or work after a week. The procedure is completed under general anesthesia, during which an incision is made behind the ear or in the natural folds of the ear. From there, cartilage and skin can be removed or reformed. If you have ears that protrude away from your head, internal sutures can be placed to remedy it.

Please view our gallery of before and after pictures to get a better understanding of the results of an otoplasty or ear surgery.

Case #234

Gender: male
Age: 23
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 175 lbs
Procedure: Ear Surgery
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