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Corrective Breast Surgery Before & After Pictures in New Jersey

Corrective Breast Surgery Before & After Pictures in New Jersey2018-08-07T21:58:24+00:00

Corrective breast surgery is a procedure that employs various cosmetic surgery techniques to fix imperfections, such as inverted nipples or to revise a previously inserted breast implant. Dr. DiBernardo will work with you to understand why you are not satisfied with your current breasts or implants and propose how they can be fixed or improved. Corrective breast surgery can be used to change the size of your implant to a smaller or larger size, replace a ruptured or damaged implant or improve breast symmetry.

Women who wish to modify or improve their current breast implants or to fix imperfections in their appearance will benefit from corrective breast surgery. Dr. DiBernardo will place the patient under general anesthesia and will use your previous incision sites, when possible, to prevent any additional scarring. He will then proceed to remove or replace your implant, as well as any scar tissue that may have formed. If you are correcting an imperfection such as inverted nipples, small incisions are made near the nipple, and dissolvable sutures are used to close them. Ideal candidates are women who are unhappy or unsatisfied with their current implants or who wish to correct inverted nipples or improve the symmetry of their breasts.

If you are interested in seeing the results of corrective breast surgery, please take a look at our before and after picture gallery.


Women who are displeased with their breasts can improve them through corrective breast surgery. Dr. Barry DiBernardo performs this procedure at New Jersey Plastic Surgery® on women who live or work around Essex, Bloomfield, Montclair, and Morristown.

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