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Fat Transfers and Injections Before & After Pictures in New Jersey

Fat Transfers and Injections Before & After Pictures in New Jersey2018-08-07T00:38:53+00:00

Fat transfers and injections – sometimes referred to as fat grafting – is a cosmetic body and face sculpting procedure that takes existing fat from your body, purifies it and then delivers it into areas of the body that may be lacking in volume. Common areas to receive fat injections are the face, hands, breasts, buttocks or thighs. This procedure is a popular alternative to other filler treatments because it uses harvested fat from your body to give you a more natural, voluminous appearance.

The fat from the donor sites is removed through liposuction techniques and then runs through a filtration system that separates it from other fluids. Once separated from any impurities, it is injected into the areas being augmented. Fat transfers and injections are great for those who wish to enhance the contours of their face and body without the use of injectables like Botox®. This helps to reduce the risk of allergic reactions to foreign substances and lasts longer than the alternative. If you have facial areas that appear sunken and hollow or are wrinkled and loose, a fat transfer can help give your face a plump, smooth appearance. Also, if you wish to enhance the shapeliness of your hips or thighs, you can harvest skin from your belly and transfer it to the desired areas. The results are often a curvaceous, defined silhouette. Good candidates include non-smokers who are in good health and have enough available fat to be harvested.

If you would like to get an idea of what the results of fat transfers and injections look like, please visit our gallery of before and after pictures.


If you wish to improve the appearance of volume-deficient areas of your body, fat transfers or injections may be the solution. If you reside in Essex, Morristown, Bloomfield or a nearby city, contact Dr. Barry DiBernardo of New Jersey Plastic Surgery® today.

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