SmartLipo Before & After Pictures in New Jersey

Located in Montclair, NJ, Dr. Barry DiBernardo and the team at New Jersey Plastic Surgery® perform SmartLipo procedures on patients in Essex, Morristown, Bloomfield and the surrounding communities.

SmartLipo is an FDA-approved treatment that is highly effective in removing stubborn fat from the body with minimal pain and scarring. The sophisticated laser technology requires that only a small incision be made in the target area, from which fat is strategically heated and melted away, without damaging nearby tissue. The laser beam also promotes collagen production, inducing a skin tightening effect that is fully visible a few months after treatment. SmartLipo can often be combined with traditional liposuction to give patients the best possible results.

SmartLipo can be especially effective in removing the stubborn areas of fat that develop around the stomach, hips, thighs and back. Unlike traditional liposuction, SmartLipo is primarily intended to sculpt and tone the body, rather than just to lose pounds. Ideal candidates are men or women who are in good health, are not excessively overweight and are prone to storing fat in stubborn areas. Diet and exercise alone are usually not enough to eradicate fat from these problem areas. SmartLipo can help improve the shape, tone, elasticity and contour of your figure. This major advancement in liposuction technology allows you to heal faster, thanks to the less invasive process. The laser technology liquefies the fat, making it easy to remove with a thinner cannula than in the traditional liposuction process. It is often performed under local anesthetic though general anesthesia may be used depending on the patient’s unique needs and requests.

Results from SmartLipo can be seen almost immediately. However, the skin tightening process happens over time. You can see the final results of SmartLipo in our before and after pictures.

Before and After Pictures

SmartLipo is a revolutionary FDA-approved procedure that helps eliminate stubborn, unwanted fat. If you are located near Essex, Bloomfield, Morristown or the neighboring areas, contact New Jersey Plastic Surgery® to schedule an appointment. Located in Montclair, NJ, our state-of-the-art facility is led by expert surgeon Dr. Barry DiBernardo.