Breast Augmentation Before & After Pictures in New Jersey

Dr. Barry DiBernardo is an expert at most top-of-the-line breast augmentation procedures. Women who reside in Bloomfield, Montclair, Essex, Morristown and the adjacent neighborhoods are welcome to contact New Jersey Plastic Surgery® to schedule an appointment today.

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures among women all over the world. This surgical procedure can utilize many techniques to help improve the size, shape, proportion and contour of your breasts. It can be used for many reasons, such as to replace lost mass after weight fluctuations or pregnancy, to enhance the overall size of your breasts, as a reconstructive technique and more. Dr. DiBernardo is a skilled surgeon and has expertise and experience in breast augmentation procedures. During your private, individualized consultation, you and Dr. DiBernardo can discuss all your questions, concerns and desires before undergoing surgery so you can have realistic expectations.

During the consultation, Dr. DiBernardo will explain the difference between silicone and saline implants, as well as the various incision sites that can be made. The surgery will be done under general anesthesia, and Dr. DiBernardo will make an incision underneath the breast, around the areola or in the armpit, depending on your unique requirements. The benefits of this incredible surgery are plentiful, including increased breast mass and shape, improved self-confidence and self-esteem and beautiful, natural-looking breasts. Many women feel sexier and more comfortable in their body following a breast augmentation. If you have breasts that are smaller than desired or are disproportionate to your body size, you may be a fitting candidate for breast augmentation. Patients should be in general good health with no standing health risks.

Our before and after pictures illustrate the results of breast augmentation surgeries performed on women by Dr. DiBernardo.

Before and After Pictures

Women all over New Jersey turn to Dr. DiBernardo and the team of dedicated professionals at New Jersey Plastic Surgery® for their breast augmentation. We serve patients in Essex, Montclair, Bloomfield, and Morristown.