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A well-defined jawline is a hallmark of an attractive, youthful appearance. If you struggle with the early signs of aging in the neck, or have prominent glands beneath the neck line, the Ellevate® neck lift can deliver the look and confidence you desire without the need for surgery.

New Jersey Plastic surgery offers a variety of surgical and non-surgical neck rejuvenation options. Find out if the Ellevate neck lift is right for you by calling 973-509-2000 today to arrange an initial consultation. We welcome patients from Montclair, Clifton, Newark, and other areas.

What Is the Ellevate Neck Lift?

The Ellevate neck lift is an innovative technique that utilizes advanced ICLED technology to improve neck contours and define the jaw line. This less-invasive alternative to a traditional neck lift does not require incisions or skin removal. Instead, it uses a suture suspension system to refine contours and support underlying neck tissue.

During the procedure, Ellevate suture material is placed beneath the skin’s surface and above the muscle using an ICLED-lighted suture rod. This light guidance provides greater accuracy in suture placement below the skin without the need of incisions. The sutures elevate and shape tissue in the neck and jaw region, creating a more refined and youthful appearance.

Am I a Good Candidate for Ellevate Neck Rejuvenation?

If you are seeking a non-surgical neck contouring option to correct unwanted fullness or lack of definition under the chin, Ellevate neck rejuvenation may be right for you. Typically, good candidates for the procedure:

  • Have prominent glands underneath the neck line
  • Are beginning to display the early signs of aging
  • Have minimal skin laxity
  • Desire a less-invasive neck rejuvenation option

To learn if an Ellevate neck lift is right for you, contact New Jersey Plastic Surgery today to arrange a personal consultation at our office. During your initial consult, our board-certified plastic surgeon will assess your features and discuss your goals. He will determine your candidacy for the Ellevate procedure and explain all of your treatment options. Together, you will collaborate on a customized treatment plan that matches your individual needs.

Benefits of Ellevate Neck Contouring

Ellevate neck contouring is one of the most advanced techniques for non-surgical neck rejuvenation today. The process offers a number of exciting benefits, such as:

  • Nearly immediate results that can last a lifetime
  • A beautiful, natural-looking outcome
  • No general anesthesia required
  • Minimal downtime
  • Rapid healing with only mild bruising or swelling
  • Quick treatment, procedures typically last about an hour
  • Minimally-invasive treatment

The Ellevate procedure can be performed alone or in conjunction with other treatments and facial surgery options to provide more comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

What To Expect After Your Ellevate Procedure

The Ellevate neck lift is an in-office procedure that can be completed in about an hour. Following treatment, most patients experience very mild bruising and swelling. As a non-surgical option, post-procedural care is minimal. Patients can shower the day after their treatment. Many patients can even return to work within a day or two with few signs of having gone through a cosmetic procedure.

It is still recommended to avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting during your recovery. These activities can cause additional swelling.

All of these considerations will be discussed at your initial consultation. Our plastic surgeon will listen carefully to what you would like to accomplish with your procedure. He will discuss all of the surgical and non-surgical options that can meet your goals.

Why Choose New Jersey Plastic Surgery?

Innovation is a cornerstone of our practice. Under the direction of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Barry DiBernardo, New Jersey Plastic Surgery has earned a reputation as a premier destination for cutting edge, non-surgical services. Our advanced offerings include laser, light, and radio frequency (RF) technology, just to name a few.

Through the New Jersey Clinical Research Center, our practice’s clinical research division, we have worked at the forefront of our field. We are relied upon to evaluate the efficacy of a wide range of the latest state-of-the-art products and devices.

Dr. DiBernardo has helped roughly 35,000 patients over the course of his illustrious career that spans nearly three decades. His exceptional experience and training provide him with an unparalleled breadth of expertise. When you choose New Jersey Plastic Surgery, you can expect the highest levels of quality and safety, in addition to a Ritz Carlton level of service.

Schedule Your Ellevate Neck Lift Consultation Today

To learn more about Ellevate neck rejuvenation, and if the procedure is right for you, contact New Jersey Plastic Surgery today online or at 973-509-2000 to schedule a personal consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon. We serve Montclair, Clifton, Newark, and nearby areas.

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