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Allergan Implant Removal in New Jersey

Allergan, a leading breast implant manufacturer, has announced an important recall.  You may view the full story here.  The team at New Jersey Plastic Surgery, Dr. DiBernardo and Dr. Trovato are available to meet with patients in order to discuss this important recall during our consultation process.

Why Were Allergan Implants Recalled?

Doctors have noticed an increased risk of Allergan Biocell implant patients being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer known as anaplastic large-cell lymphoma. Allergan implants were banned in Europe in 2018 as a result of studies revealing their increased risk of cancer. America’s FDA is currently researching the connection between the implants’ use and cancer.

Noting the high rates of a rare cancer, Allergan issued a global recall effective immediately.

How Does A Breast Implant Recall Work?

Breast implant recalls require patients who have received them to call a qualified plastic surgeon to have them safely removed. This is done through a breast implant removal procedure.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. During the surgery, your surgeon will make an incision at the original point of entry for your implants. Then, he will remove them and close up the incision.

More specifically, the removal will be done via an “en loc capsulectomy,” which removes the entire implant in one piece, capsule included. By removing the implants in one large piece, patients have a decreased risk of exposure to the cancer-causing materials inside.

What Is Recovery Like?

Recovery from implant removal is fairly straightforward. Discomfort and pain is typically experienced the first couple of days. During the first week, you will be expected to wear wraps to aid in healing.

Light activity can resume after a week, with a full recovery to be expected after four weeks. This may be a little long, but it’s absolutely necessary. Not removing the Allergan implants will put patients at risk of cancer.

What Happens After Allergan Implant Removal?

Once the implants are removed, patients have a number of different options available to them. These include:

  • Natural Healing. Breasts regain 10 to 15 percent of their volume after implants are removed, and in many cases, the skin snaps back to its former elasticity. With this option, there are no additional steps to the procedure.
  • Mastopexy. Mastopexy, also known as a “breast lift” removes excess tissue and tightens skin around your breasts for a perkier appearance.
  • Auto-Augmentation Mastopexy. With regular mastopexy, some size is lost due to the removal of excess tissue. Auto-augmentation mastopexy avoids this by using the excess tissue to reshape the breast, which preserves your natural size.
  • Mastopexy with Fat Grafting. If you love the look of bigger breasts, but do not want to revert to implants, our doctors can remove fat from one part of your body and graft it onto your chest. Then, they will tighten skin around your chest. This gives breasts a larger size while keeping them perky.
  • Replacement. If you loved your implants, you can always get them replaced after the Allergan implants are removed.  Allergan may cover the implant but not the surgery or facility fee.

Each option has its own benefits and outcomes. Choosing the right option for you is a complex issue that will involve the knowledge and wisdom of a highly qualified surgeon.

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