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How Botox and Fillers Battle Wrinkles Differently

How Botox and Fillers Battle Wrinkles Differently

Dermal Fillers & Injectables in New JerseyDermal Fillers & Injectables in New JerseyWe’ve often recommend asking your surgeon about the possible benefits of injectables like Botox or facial fillers when it comes to battling wrinkles. While it’s true that both are treatments designed to fight wrinkles, they’re not the same, and they each fight wrinkles in specialized ways.

How Botox Fights Wrinkles

Botox is like Kleenex – it’s the brand most associated with the product, but not all of that product on the market is part of that brand. The key ingredient in Botox, botulinum, is a neurotoxin that is available under other brands, like Dysport and Xeomin. But no matter what brand you go with, they all attack wrinkles the same way – by treating active, or newer, wrinkles. Facial muscles can play a big part in facial wrinkles, and Botox and its cousins paralyze those muscles in order to achieve subtle changes that reduce the wrinkles, but still allow you to emote and use your muscles.

How Fillers Fight Wrinkles

Fillers, meanwhile (such as JuvedermRestylane or Belotero), are more adapted to combat “firmly established” wrinkles – wrinkles with seniority. They can also be used to enhance or alter the appearance of soft tissues, such as adding volume to lips and cheeks.

So, which one’s for you? The best person to tell you that is your surgeon. They’ll be able to tell the difference between old and new wrinkles, and which treatment they feel will yield the best results for you. Book a consultation with your surgeon now, and one way or another, you can safely say “so-long” to your facial folds.

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