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Regain Your Virility With Eclipse eVIVE Therapy

Regain Your Virility With Eclipse eVIVE Therapy2019-05-28T19:41:08+00:00

What Is eVIVE?

Eclipse eVIVE is the newest method of encouraging blood flow and scar tissue reduction throughout the body. This procedure uses non-invasive acoustic soundwaves to open up blood vessels, encourage the creation of new blood vessels, and increase blood flow through key points in your body.

Why Use Eclipse eVIVE For Erectile Dysfunction?

Most treatments for erectile dysfunction are highly invasive or require the use of oral medications. Oral medications that help treat erectile dysfunction can cause side effects, or may not even be safe to use due to contraindications they pose with other medicines you use.

Invasive procedures such as surgery can cause complications which may leave you completely unable to perform. Eclipse eVIVE uses non-invasive sound waves to open up blood vessels. The entire treatment is as safe as can be, requires no medications, and still remains effective.

How Does Eclipse eVIVE Procedures Work?

Prior to your procedure, you will need to have a consultation with our staff at our office. This will ensure that you are a good candidate for eVIVE, that you understand how the process works, and that your procedure can be properly scheduled. Once your consultation is completed, you will have another appointment for the procedure.

During this appointment, your doctor will use the Eclipse eVIVE tool on your penis. The eVIVE will send out gentle soundwave pulses that will open up blood vessels and encourage growth. You will not need anesthetic, nor downtime. The entire procedure takes an hour at most and you will be able to return to work the very same day.

Can Eclipse eVIVE Be Used Preventatively?

Yes! Doctors are now starting to use the Eclipse eVIVE sound wave therapy system as a way to reduce and delay erectile dysfunction that is caused by aging.

How Effective Is Eclipse eVIVE?

The majority of patients who have an Eclipse eVIVE session are able to notice results within a week of their treatment. Eclipse eVIVE is FDA-approved as a viable, effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. 80 percent of all men see improvements.

How Much Does Eclipse eVIVE Cost?

Along with being incredibly effective, Eclipse eVIVE is also extremely affordable when compared to other processes. The price of eVIVE can vary depending on how many therapy sessions you need to have.

Am I A Good Candidate For This Procedure?

Most men who struggle with impotence are good candidates for eVIVE sound wave therapy. The ideal candidate is a man who has erectile dysfunction that’s caused by physical issues such as aging or blood vessel blockage and wants to fix it. You must be in reasonably good health to be a candidate.

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