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Nourisihing leave-on cream mask that corrects chronological aging and the damaging effects of environmental exposure with an intensive growth factor and peptide complex

  • Hexapeptides | Hexapeptide-51 and Hexapeptide-10
  • Beta Transformational Growth Factor (TGF-ß)
  • Copper peptide
  • Biopeptide L-glutamyl-aminoethyl imidazole
  • Decarboxy Carnosine
  • Low weight Hyaluronic Acid with vectorized active silicon
  • Vectorized magnesium chloride
  • Grape Polyphenols from Merlot, Syrah and Carignan
  • Zinc, Copper, Magnesium and Manganese
  • Fucose rich polysaccharides


  • Supports tha natural mechanisms of DNA protection, and stimulatas the production of structural proteins or anchorage and sustainablity of the skin preventing wrinkles and deeper expression lines
  • Anti-glycant and anti-oxidant action, ECM balance, imuno-stimulant activity and cellular detoxification
  • Vectorized hyaluronic acid provides natural hydration and cellular stimulation while the growth factor and peptides maximize cellular multiplication and increase skin density
  • Improves texture, hydration and repair/restructuring of the epidermal barrier


  • Up to 190% increase in clock Gene expression (Circadian cycle)
  • 16% improvement in firmness and 24% elasticity
  • 16% TEWL reduction
  • 17.5% reduction in wrinkle depth


  • Corrective anti-aging: once daily (PM)
  • Optimize PM application with the addition of treatments like U.SK SuperC, U.SK Retinol Restorer, U.SK Retinol Antiox or U.SK HydraAcids
  • Apply the Timeless Mask as the last step during PM application
  • With the fingertips or with the spherical end of tha spatula, gently massage the area with circular and upward movements


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