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  • Exclusive combination of purified peptides for cell repair, working synergisticallyon dierent cell pathways on advanced aging signs. The serum for beautiful mature skin.
    • Superior control over the hallmarks of aging
    • Substantial benefits for mature skin while helping to correct advanced damage.
    • Immediate tightening action and plumping effects with continuous use
    • Main Dermatologists procedures: Laser, micro needling, ultrasound, radio frequency, fillers (hyaluronic acid), botulinum toxin, skin booster injections (poly-l-acid), antioxidants masks, chemical and physical peels
    • Severity levels: AGING: advanced signs (wrinkles, aging dark spots, laxity, loss of firmness, volume, facial structure) RADICAL DAMAGE: medium to high
    • Skin Concern / Rx Treatment / Pathology: Advanced aging signs (corrective), free radical damage
  • Boost your skin care regimen with one drop of the best science has to offer.
    • Improves skin integrity, moisture and appearance of uniformity
    • Provides nutrients for ideal cell maintenance
    • Mix this concentrated formulation with any other Under Skin product for fastest, most stunning results.
    Main Dermatologists procedures:
    • Laser, microneedling, ultrasound, chemical peels (retinol), moisture masks
    Severity levels:
    • AGING: first signs (dryness, fine lines, loss of brightness)
    • MASI: medium to higher
    Skin Concern / Rx Treatment / Pathology:
    • First aging signs (preventive), hyperpigmentation, aging dark spots, melasma, pos-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), dry skin
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