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Liposuction in Bloomfield, NJ

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What is the Liposuction Procedure?

Before your procedure, our team will provide you with information regarding all of your options for anesthesia. This includes general anesthetics that put the patient completely to sleep or local anesthetics that only numb the treatment site. After the anesthesia has been administered, Dr. DiBernardo will then make a small incision and begin removing the fatty tissue with a thin metal rod known as a cannula. Instead of simply repositioning the soft tissue, we physically remove the fat cells from the patient’s body in order to create long-term results. Once the fat has been removed, our surgeon sutures the incision shut and places a compression garment over the treatment site.

Stubborn body fat is not an issue you must accept without a fight. We understand just how frustrating these pockets of fat can be, and that is why we are committed to offering all residents of Bloomfield, NJ, and the surrounding communities some of the most advanced cosmetic procedures in the world. Please contact New Jersey Plastic Surgery® today to learn more about the many benefits of liposuction.

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