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Gynecomastia Clifton, NJ

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What is Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Gynecomastia is the medical term for extra fatty tissue in a male’s breasts. It can be caused by any number of conditions, ranging from malnutrition to a hormonal imbalance. Before proceeding with the surgery, the root cause of gynecomastia must be uncovered to ensure that the patient is not suffering from any serious medical problems. The team here at New Jersey Plastic Surgery® is proud to offer breast reduction surgery to anyone who would like to boost their confidence and once again feel comfortable in their own skin.

Benefits of a Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Untreated gynecomastia can take quite a toll on an individual’s pride and happiness. The biggest benefit of male breast reduction surgery is the surge of confidence that patients feel immediately following their procedure. Many of our patients also state that they look years younger after they have recovered from their surgery. Instead of hiding your gynecomastia with loose clothing, you will once again be able to wear anything you like with a slim and well-defined chest.

Getting Back to Normal After Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Just as with all other invasive procedures, male breast reduction surgery does result in some discomfort and sensitivity. Most patients can easily control their discomfort with the prescription medication that is given to them following their procedure. A pressure dressing is also given to each patient to limit any swelling and protect the treatment site. Before your surgery, you will be given specific aftercare instructions, including how long you should rest and what types of activities must be avoided. As long as you do not have a strenuous job, you should be able to return back to work within a few days.

New Jersey Plastic Surgery® has helped countless men quickly and safely treat their gynecomastia. If you are a resident of Clifton or one of the surrounding communities and would like to learn more about male breast reduction surgery, then please contact us today to schedule a personal consultation.

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