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Success Stories

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Audree’s Story

I’m sure some of the most important things on a person’s mind when picking a plastic surgeon are how safe will you be and how skillful the doctor is. I will tell you, when I was younger and had “work done”, when anyone would compliment me on my skin and say, “What’s your secret?”, I would always […]

Kelsey’s Story

Procedure: 4-D Lipo I had an extra 15-20 pounds that I hadn’t been able to get rid of no matter how much I tried. I dieted, worked out – everything I could think of, I just couldn’t lose it. It was starting to affect my life and my health. My first consultation was amazing. Everyone […]

Linda’s Story

I have come to Dr. DiBernardo for many procedures, but I met him first when I came to him to help address my cellulite issue. And so began my happy journey with Dr. D and his wonderful staff. I met with him and the staff and I LOVED THEM!!!! I felt very special because it […]

Sarah’s Story

The problem that I wanted to address was my appearance. I was really paranoid about my nose and the side view of it. I had a pretty large bump and was extremely self-conscious. I had wanted to change my nose for years and years. I also was very unhappy with the shape and size of […]

Lorraine’s Story

I came to Dr DiBernardo as a car accident victim who went through the windshield and lost my eyelid, leaving me disfigured. The first time I attended a seminar, I felt comfortable enough to make an appointment to see if NJPS could help my disfiguration. I met with Dr. DiBernardo. I felt very comfortable and relaxed because […]

Karen’s Story

I noticed years ago I was having hair loss. It started in my twenties, then got worse in my forties. I began to use Rogaine in my mid forties, which helped quite a bit. However, after fifty and with the stressors of life, my hair loss increased quite a bit despite using Rogaine. I had […]

John’s Story

Due to my loss of hair and receding hairline, I was not happy with my physical appearance. This resulted in my having a lack of self confidence and lower self-esteem. I was also shy about standing in bright lights or in the sun, which made my thinning hair more apparent. I met with Erica. In […]

Eva’s Story

I had my face done because of sunburn and a few blemishes that wouldn’t go away no matter what creams or make-up I used. I felt I wanted to do something for myself because it really bothered me and I wanted to feel good about my situation. My first meeting with them was pleasant; they […]

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