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Liposuction in Jersey City, NJ

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What is the Liposuction Procedure?

Liposuction begins with the application of numbing agents for maximum comfort during the procedure. The anesthetic used during your liposuction procedure will be discussed and decided upon during your one-on-one consultation appointment with Dr. DiBernardo. Once your skin in the treatment area is numb, the procedure itself involves making small, discreet incisions in the targeted area and suctioning out the fat through a cannula.

Liposuction has positively changed the lives of many people. Whether you desire a leaner, more sculpted shape or want to get rid of stubborn fat pockets, liposuction is a safe, practical solution. If you live in or around Jersey City, NJ and are considering liposuction, trust the professional, skillful team at New Jersey Plastic Surgery® with your procedure. Contact our office today for more information or to schedule your consultation.

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