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Pigmentation and Brown

If you feel self-conscious about skin discolorations, we can help you reduce or eliminate unwanted pigmentation and brown spots. With the innovative PicoSure® laser system and ZO® skincare system, you can enjoy a clear, even skin tone. Located in Montclair, NJ, New Jersey Plastic Surgery® is pleased to offer pigmentation and brown spot removal to the residents in and around Bloomfield, Essex County, Morristown and the surrounding communities.

What Is Pigmentation and Brown Spot Removal?

Uneven pigmentation and unsightly brown spots on the skin, such as brown spots, freckles or birthmarks, can be caused by aging, sun damage, genetics, previous tattoo removal and other factors. Any changes in a spot should be checked by a physician. This includes changes in color or shape. If the spot is benign, then it can be removed non-surgically. The ultra-precise PicoSure® laser system breaks down the pigments without heating the nearby tissues, leading to faster recovery times and fewer treatments necessary. Following up your PicoSure® treatment with ZO® skin health products will help you protect your skin and reduce or prevent the formation of future discolorations.

The Best Candidates for Pigmentation and Brown Spot Removal

Ideal candidates are those who want to remove uneven skin tone, freckles, brown spots, birthmarks or other discolorations. They have had any suspicious markings checked by a physician and have been informed that the spots can be removed safely. These individuals are also in general good health and have realistic expectations for the outcome of this procedure.

Planning Your Pigmentation and Brown Spot Removal

During your consultation, we will examine the treatment area, listen to your aesthetic goals, discuss the best course of therapy for your situation and answer any questions you may have. Depending on the extent of discoloration to be removed, you may need more than one treatment session for optimal results.

Preparing for Your Pigmentation and Brown Spot Removal

On the day of your procedure, you should avoid wearing any makeup or thick creams on the treatment area. PicoSure® therapy typically takes less than one hour, depending on the treatment zone and aesthetic goals.

The Pigmentation and Brown Spot Removal Procedure

At each treatment session the PicoSure® laser system will send extremely brief pulses of laser energy to the targeted area. Most patients find the procedure painless. If you wish, numbing cream can be applied to minimize any possible discomfort.

How Much Does Pigmentation & Brown Spot Removal Cost?

The cost of pigmentation and brown spot removal varies for each patient depending on the treatment goals, extent of change desired and other factors. For your convenience, we accept cash, check, Visa®, Master®Card, American Express® and Discover®. Financing options are available through CareCredit® and Alphaeon™.

After Your Pigmentation & Brown Spot Removal Procedure

As you progress through your course of treatment, you will see the uneven discoloration begin to fade, with maximum results visible up to two or three months after therapy is complete. The rejuvenated effect of the procedure is long lasting. To maintain the effects as long as possible you should avoid sun exposure.

Getting Back to Normal Following Pigmentation & Brown Spot Removal

Since the laser energy of PicoSure® is so gentle and safe, you may resume your normal activities immediately following a treatment session. You may even wear makeup over the treatment area if you wish.

Pigmentation and brown spot removal can give you the even skin tone you’ve been wanting. If you are interested in pigmentation and brown spot removal and reside in the Bloomfield, Essex County or Morristown areas, contact New Jersey Plastic Surgery® in Montclair, NJ, today to set up your appointment!

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