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Non-Surgical Procedures

If you’re unwilling or unable to undergo cosmetic surgery, you can still look your best with non-surgical procedures. Our experienced physicians are dedicated to helping you make your aesthetic goals a reality so you can look and feel your best. For those who want to make minor changes or corrections to their bodies or appearance, non-surgical cosmetic procedures are often recommended in place of more invasive plastic surgery. The board-certified plastic surgeons at New Jersey Plastic Surgery®, located in Montclair, New Jersey, are well-trained in performing non-surgical cosmetic procedures on patients living in and around, Bloomfield, Essex County, and Morristown, New Jersey, who want to make subtle changes to their appearance.

What are Non-Surgical Procedures?

Non-surgical procedures involve those that are typically minimally invasive to the body and designed to rejuvenate individuals’ appearances.  These procedures range from treating skin after years of damage from the that has been damaged by the effects of the sun or shows the signs of aging to removing deposits of fat in specific areas of the body that do not respond to exercise and a proper diet.  Those that seek non-surgical procedures are basically satisfied with their appearance but simply want to make slight changes that result in a healthy and younger appearance.

The Best Candidates for Non-Surgical Procedures

Those that benefit from non-surgical procedures already maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and proper nutrition.  Additionally, candidates are happy with the way they look but would like to correct imperfections and make minor changes to enhance their appearance without the recovery of more invasive plastic surgery.

Planning Your Non-Surgical Procedures

Non-surgical procedures are minimally invasive and do not require extensive planning on the part of the patient.  The key to a successful treatment is following the directions of the surgeon before and after the procedure.

Most cosmetic non-surgical procedures are not covered by insurance so the cost may take some planning.  You may be able to secure financing for the procedure or elect to set aside a budget to cover the procedures.

Preparing for Your Non-Surgical Procedures

Even though most non-surgical procedures are non or minimally invasive, it is important to be healthy in order to avoid any complications. We typically ask patients to be sure the areas to be treated are clean and free of any cosmetics, deodorants or any other chemicals and, depending on the procedure, stop taking all anti-inflammatory medicines and other supplements that may increase bleeding.

Type of Anesthesia

With non-surgical procedures, any heavy or sedative anesthesia is not required which is one reason so many patients elect to go this route for their treatments.  Most often, if any pain reliever is necessary, we apply a local anesthetic to alleviate discomfort during the treatment.

Non-Surgical Procedures

There are many non-surgical procedures to correct minor issues, diminish the signs of aging and reshape areas of the body. At New Jersey Plastic Surgery®, our surgeons perform the following non-surgical procedures:

How much Do Non-Surgical Procedures Cost?

The cost of non-surgical procedures depends on the procedure to be performed as well as the extent of the area and the procedure itself.  Because non-surgical procedures are considered cosmetic, the expense is not covered by insurance. For your convenience, we accept cash, check, Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express, and Discover®.  Additionally, we offer financing options via CareCredit® and Alphaeon.

After Your Non-Surgical Procedures

Non-surgical procedures require little to no downtime for recovery following the treatments. Many patients resume normal activities immediately following the procedures or within one to two days.  Depending on the treatment and the area of the body treated, you may be asked to withhold from any heavy activities such as strenuous exercise. During your consultation, your surgeon goes over all of the information regarding the procedure and any other important information.

Getting Back to Normal Following Non-Surgical Procedures

One of the main benefits of non-surgical procedures is the ability to resume normal activities immediately following the procedures.  If there are any restrictions, your surgeon discusses them with you so that you can return to your normal routine within a few days.

Non-surgical procedures can refresh your face and body for a younger, more energetic appearance. If you are looking for non-surgical cosmetic treatments in or around the Bloomfield, Essex County or Morristown areas, contact New Jersey Plastic Surgery® in Montclair, NJ, today to set up your appointment!

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