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Acne Treatments

Are you suffering from acne flare-ups? New Jersey Plastic Surgery® can help those residents of Bloomfield, Essex County, Morristown and Montclair, NJ, who are interested in regaining clear skin with acne treatments designed to gently remove impurities from the surface of your skin and from deep within your pores, for calm, clear, healthier oil-free skin.

What are Acne Treatments?

If you are plagued by ugly acne symptoms, take heart, because at New Jersey Plastic Surgery® we believe that beauty can be coaxed out of ugliness and your natural beauty can be restored in spite of the marring effects of acne, with professional medical grade acne treatments at New Jersey Plastic Surgery®.

Benefits of Acne Treatments

Unfortunately, acne is an entirely natural phenomenon, which is characterized by pimples, which present themselves on your skin’s surface when your sebaceous glands in the deeper layer of your skin become inflamed or infected. The benefits of acne treatment are that the beauty experts at New Jersey Plastic Surgery® can address head on the ugly factor of pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, red blemishes, papules, pustules and nodules that hide your beauty below a layer of distracting pimples and acne.

What is the Procedure for Acne Treatments?

During your acne treatment consultation, our experts will evaluate the causes of acne buildup in your particular case, which can include hormonal changes, heredity, exposure to grease or bacteria buildup or even hair follicle irritation, to develop a treatment plan. Your procedure may include light or laser therapies designed to target bacterial buildup or to repair damage to the sebaceous glands.

Preparing for Acne Treatments

The only preparation that you need to take for acne treatment from New Jersey Plastic Surgery® is to make the decision to act and take control of your acne situation by setting up your consultation with the acne experts at New Jersey Plastic Surgery®. Let us help you tackle the ugly problem of acne and we will show you how at New Jersey Plastic Surgery®, beauty really can be coaxed out of cosmetic problems. Your natural skin tone and radiance can be restored and ugly pimples and acne symptoms eliminated. Schedule your consultation now , as we have a variety of specialized acne treatments available, including:

Laser Genesis® for Acne Treatments

Laser Genesis® for acne treatment offers unique opportunities for improvements, particularly when used in conjunction with other approaches. Given that there are different types of acne, schedule your consultation now, because for certain acne conditions Laser Genesis® is a great no downtime, painless procedure for acne prone skin, as the heat from the Laser Genesis® kills the bacteria in active breakouts, so they will dry up and heal much quicker.

PicoSure® for Acne Treatments

PicoSure® is well known for tattoo removal but PicoSure® also offers tremendous benefits for acne treatment and acne scars, leaving your skin smooth to the touch, with no pain. In addition, many people live with scars from acne, but PicoSure® laser skin treatment offers tremendous benefits in the removal of acne scars.

Acnelase for Acne Treatments

If you want to address acne issues that are marring your skin tone and distracting from your otherwise healthy complexion, then contact us now to find out about the amazing benefits of Acnelase for acne treatments, to help you make acne symptoms history.

Acne Treatments Before and After Pictures New Jersey

Belotero® Body Acne Treatments

One of the most difficult challenges with acne is when acne symptoms spread beyond the face and into the rest of the body. Belotero® body acne treatments from New Jersey Plastic Surgery® are the right choice for you and address the challenge of body acne and body acne scars, so that you can have smooth, clear and radiant skin.

CureLight® for Acne Treatments

Unfortunately, acne can occur anywhere, but, fortunately, the skin health and beauty experts at New Jersey Plastic Surgery® can help you clear up the redness and inflammation that is caused by acne, utilizing the light therapy techniques available only through CureLight® treatments.

ZO® 3 Step Peel for Acne Treatments

A fantastic three-step simulation peel designed by Dr. Zein Obagi for acne, this in-office treatment is followed by an at-home treatment regimen that produces long lasting results repairing and renewing the skin and improving the skin’s ability to repair and renew itself.

ZO® Acne and Oil Control

Controlling oil in your skin is one of the keys to successful acne treatment, so if you have inflammatory acne breakouts with the presence of blackheads, whiteheads, papules, and pustules, then ZO® Acne and Oil Control from New Jersey Plastic Surgery® may be right for you to get your skin looking clear and fresh again.

Recovery from Acne Treatments

Your recovery from acne treatments at New Jersey Plastic Surgery® will be pain-free with no downtime. Depending on the clinical approach taken and the medical opinion of our team, you may be given a prescription product, such as tretinoin or perhaps antibiotics to reduce bacteria and inflammation. Contact us now to set up your acne treatment consultation with the clear skin experts at new Jersey Plastic Surgery®.

How Much Do Acne Treatments Cost?

Your costs for acne treatment at New Jersey Plastic Surgery® may vary, depending on your individual needs, the extent of the area necessary to be treated and the nature of your acne outbreak. Most insurance plans do not cover acne treatment but check with your provider to learn more. To help patients manage their budgets while treating problematic acne outbreaks, New Jersey Plastic Surgery® offers financing that can make your payments more affordable. At New Jersey Plastic Surgery® we also understand how patients are managing their budgets, which is why we offer a variety of financing options, including CareCredit®, Alphaeon and American Healthcare Lending.

Is Acne Treatment Right for Me?

Do you feel like your natural good looks are being hidden behind the ugly appearance of acne outbreaks, ranging from whiteheads and blackheads to pustules and red spots? Then acne treatments at New Jersey Plastic Surgery® may be right for you as unnecessary ugliness from acne takes away your skin’s natural glowing healthy radiance. Do the right thing and schedule your consultation today and together we can make ugly symptoms of acne go away.

Who is a Candidate for Acne Treatment?

If you have been bothered by acne breakouts, ugly marks from oil, bacteria or other sources, then the time is right for you to contact New Jersey Plastic Surgery® to set up your consultation and to learn more about how your true beauty can be coaxed into view with systematic treatment of your sebaceous glands and the underlying causes of acne.

Acne treatment from New Jersey Plastic Surgery® will help you eliminate the symptoms of acne, including oily skin and clogged pores that cause acne outbreaks. If you live in or around Bloomfield, Essex County, Morristown or the surrounding communities and want to eliminate the signs of acne, then contact New Jersey Plastic Surgery® in Montclair, NJ, today to set up your consultation today.

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