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Capillus in Montclair

Introducing Capillus, The New Way to Regrow Your Hair

Hair loss is a pervasive problem with both men and women. If you are suffering from hair loss, you’re not alone. Approximately 80 percent of all men and 50 percent of women will lose significant amounts of hair by the time they turn 50.

In recent years, there have been many hair loss treatments to hit the market. Many topical treatments, such as Rogaine, are tied to undesirable side effects. Others, include PRP, propecia and hair vitamins but may not fit your specific needs.

One of the most promising treatments for hair loss is laser light therapy. Using pulsating lights with the right frequency, doctors have been able to offer remarkable results with no pain, no discomfort, and no side effects.

Results Easier Than Ever

Capillus comes in three different forms:

  • Basic. Offers light coverage with a total of 82 laser diodes.
  • Mid-Range. Offers moderate coverage using a total of 202 lasers.
  • Premium. The ultimate in hair restoration, boasting a total of 272 laser diodes.

Capillus Brings Laser Therapy to You—No Appointment Needed

Laser therapy is a proven way to protect and boost your hair. In the early stages of this treatment’s existence, patients would have to book appointments at offices that offered specialized lasers. This was expensive, time-consuming, and generally difficult to maintain.

Capillus is the very first invention to bring laser hair restoration therapy to patients in the comfort of your own home. It’s a specialized hat featuring a series of lasers under the cap. Capillus laser hats are the only hats that are backed by the FDA as hair restoration devices.  In just six minutes you receive a a full treatment


Go Hands-Free

With hair restoration lasers, one would expect there to be a lot of time spent using your hands to guide the lasers to your sparse spots. Capillus laser caps are designed to be as easy to use as possible, and that means you need not worry about having to be particularly handy.

The Capillus is meant to be used hands-free, and even comes with an ergonomically designed battery that clips onto your clothes. The lithium-ion battery is lightweight, small, and subtle enough to be overlooked in a heartbeat.

When You’re Done Using, Pack It Away

Lasers are delicate as can be, and need to be treated with care. To make Capillus travel-friendly, engineers created a safe, padded carrying case. All you need to do in order to bring Capillus with you on your next trip abroad is to place it in its specialty carrying case and get ready to go.

The Capillus Laser Cap Is The Hair Restoration Tool You Never Realized You Needed

In the past, wearing caps was rumored to cause hair loss or was a quick way to hide a bald spot. Oh, how times changed! Capillus laser caps are now offering people a way to turn back the sands of time and reverse the effects of hereditary baldness. Having a full head of hair has never been so easy!

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