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Brazilian Butt Lift Before & After Pictures in New Jersey

Brazilian Butt Lift Before & After Pictures in New Jersey2018-08-06T23:59:34+00:00

Is your backside sagging or drooping from weight fluctuation, age or loss of skin elasticity? A Brazilian butt lift may be the solution. Enhancing the firmness and roundness of your butt can boost your self-esteem and give you a younger, sexier appearance. This procedure employs the use of liposuction and injections to enhance your appearance. The fat is removed from an area of your body that has an excess amount, such as your midsection or thighs, and then, after a filtration process, it is injected into your buttocks to give it a plumper, natural-looking contour.

Firm, rounded buttocks are highly sought after by women who wish to increase their sex appeal or feel more feminine. Dr. DiBernardo understands that this is a delicate surgery and will work closely with you to tailor the process in order to give you the results you desire. The procedure is fairly simple and requires that donor sites be selected to harvest the fat from. Once it is removed via a thin cannula, it is processed and separated from any fluids. Finally, it is injected into your buttocks and massaged in intervals to ensure the results are proportionate and perky. If you have a flat, sagging or wilting backside and wish to augment it through fat transfer injections, you may be an ideal candidate for a Brazilian butt lift. As with most surgeries, candidates should be in general good health, meaning they are not excessively overweight or heavy smokers. Consult with Dr. DiBernardo to find out if you are a good candidate for this procedure.

If you wish to see results of a Brazilian butt lift procedure as performed by Dr. DiBernardo, view our before and after photo gallery.


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