VASER®Lipo Before & After Pictures in New Jersey

Located in Montclair, NJ, Dr. Barry DiBernardo and the team at New Jersey Plastic Surgery® perform VASER®Lipo procedures on patients who reside in the Morristown, Bloomfield, Essex and surrounding areas.

VASER®Lipo is an innovative fat removal treatment that employs the use of ultrasound waves to help break down and eliminate unwanted fat. VASER® stands for vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance. This revolutionary procedure is a more defined alternative to traditional liposuction procedures, as it offers the precision to remove fat from specific areas and then transfer it to areas where the definition is desired.

If you wish to sculpt your body into a more muscular, toned shape, VASER®Lipo may be for you. The VASER® treatment process selectively removes unwanted fat without affecting the surrounding areas. Because of this, you are able to get more meticulous fat removal than with other liposuction procedures. VASER® has been successful in treating multiple areas of the body, including face, chin, chest, abdomen, love handles, hips, buttocks, thighs, back and more. Schedule your personalized consultation to discuss with Dr. DiBernardo exactly which areas you would like to target. Ideal candidates for VASER®Lipo are not extremely overweight and have a generally healthy lifestyle. It is best if you are a non-smoker, though if you do smoke, the doctor will advise you of how long you will have to refrain from smoking before undergoing surgery.

Men and women alike have experienced amazing results following VASER®Lipo. To see the results, visit our before and after gallery.

Before and After Pictures

Are you fed up with the appearance of unsightly fat on your body? Dr. Barry DiBernardo and the dedicated professionals at New Jersey Plastic Surgery® can help give you the body of your dreams with VASER®Lipo. Residents of Morristown, Essex, Bloomfield or the surrounding areas can contact our office to schedule an appointment.